Cosatto Hug Car Seat Review

We have been fans of Cosatto ever since we bought their Supa Dupa double stroller for LP and Little Man. It ticked all our boxes and made life so much easier whilst looking awesome too. When Cosatto asked if we’d like to review one of their car seats I hoped it would tick all our boxes too! After a while browsing their website I decided on the Cosatto Hug Car Seat in Hipstar print.

Cosatto Hug Car Seat
Cosatto Hug Car Seat
Cosatto Hug Car Seat

Why did we choose the Cosatto Hug Car Seat?

I chose the Cosatto Hug car seat as I have always been a fan of having one car seat that lasts all the car seat stages, growing and adapting to suit your child as they get bigger and not needing to buy a new car seat every couple of years. The choice of print was easy – I love stars and the Hipster print is one of my favourites from Cosatto although I don’t think there are any prints I’m not keen on – they really do have something for every personality!

What were our first impressions of the Cosatto Hug Car Seat?

The first thing I noticed about the Cosatto Hug is how sturdy it feels. The seat is quite heavy, and a little bulky, but it is clear from the first time you see it that it is made with safety in mind. The sides of the seat cocoon the child and the added seat liner and padded straps as well as padded arm rests make sure every journey is as comfortable as possible.

Cosatto Hug Car Seat

How do you fit the Cosatto Hug Car Seat?

When we went to put the Cosatto Hug in the car it was immediately obvious that this car seat is different to any other we have tried. Instead of fiddling with the back of the seat, trying to thread straps through different parts of the seat, the Cosatto Hug is completely different. The main seat unit comes on a base unit and to put the car seat into the car the main seat unit comes away from the base to make threading the straps simple and clear – again a feature with safety in mind. The car seat was strapped in the car within a couple of minutes. It really couldn’t have been more straightforward.

Cosatto Hug Car Seat

Is the Cosatto Hug Car Seat easy to adjust?

The straps on the Cosatto Hug are easier to adjust than on other car seats we have tried too with the shoulder straps automatically raising as the headrest is made taller, meaning you don’t have to keep rethreading straps and it is always the perfect fit. The five point harness is also easy to do up, undo and adjust with just a strap to pull and button to press at the base of the seat.

Cosatto Hug Car Seat

The fabric of the seat wipes clean and the liner and padded straps are easy to remove for cleaning. Everything feels so well made and easy to look after that this seat really should last the 10+ years that it is intended for.

Cosatto Hug Car Seat

Little Man loves his new seat. It feels and looks snug around him and he hasn’t complained at all when he’s been sitting in it. He still falls asleep in the car quite often and the one feature of this seat I love is that it can be reclined whilst in the car – so if a child falls asleep half way through a journey you could stop and recline the seat without disturbing the child – for me this is a massive plus point and one that we have used often on longer car journeys. To recline the seat you simply pull a lever at the front and the seat tilts backwards.

Cosatto Hug Car Seat

Overall we have loved using the Cosatto Hug car seat. It fits well into our car, is easy to adjust and comfortable for Little Man whilst looking fantastic too. I can’t fault the Cosatto Hug and look forward to many years of having Hipster stars to look at in the rear view mirror!

The Cosatto Hug has an RRP of £200



  1. April 13, 2015 / 11:05 am

    I love how bright and bold Cosatto products are. This car seat looks amazing too and using a base unit to secure the seat in is such a great idea. xxx

  2. April 15, 2015 / 9:59 am

    Love love love the Cosatto car seats – we have the Zoomi and really rate it. Love the design you chose (obviously) and it looks so comfortable and well padded. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. April 20, 2015 / 1:27 pm

    As you know we are already big fans of the Hipstar print as we have the Supa and LOVE it.
    I think Amy really does need a new car seat so I might have to look at this one.
    Lovely to see you on #TriedTested this week x

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