Cooking a ‘Fries-Day’ Meal with McCain

*This is a collaborative post

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how the children love helping to cook dinner on a Friday as a ‘Fries-Day’ treat, coming in from school, getting changed and then heading into the kitchen to pick exactly what they want for dinner.

Since I left work ‘Fries-Day’ has become a bit of a tradition in our house, as I’m now home in the afternoons and we have been trying to build more variety into our ‘Fries-Day’ meal time, grabbing McCain Crispy French Fries from the freezer and cooking different things to go with them.



One thing that LP and Little Man love to help cook is pizza. Sometimes we make the bases ourselves or for a ‘Fries-Day’ meal that LP and Little Man can pretty much cook between them we buy ready made bases. The children then love to create their own perfect pizzas – to share with Mummy and Daddy.



The children love having a selection of toppings to choose from – meat, vegetables and lots of cheese as well as a really thick tomato sauce for the base. Pizzas are such a popular food in our house but we love teaming them up with McCain Crispy French Fries, coleslaw and vegetables to make a more balanced meal.



Our regular ‘Fries-Day’ routine gets the children involved in the kitchen, learning more about how to cook and feeling like they’re all grown up too. But it’s also a chance for us all to have dinner together, catch up, relax and unwind at the end of the week.


‘Fries-Day’ is a great start to our weekend and something I know we’ll be continuing indefinitely. I love how ‘Fries-Day’ really builds routine into our week and after a whole week of school and work, and is  something we all look forward to on a Friday night.

McCain Crispy French Fries are available from all major supermarkets: RRP 1.4kg for £2.80.


*This is a collaborative post


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