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Last week we were invited by Tesco to get the kids cooking along with their Eat Happy Project. The project, in partnership with the Children’s Food Trust, created a series called Let’s Cookalong which went ahead over the summer.

The Let’s Cookalong series showcased a new video each week giving parents and children something to cook together, whilst watching the video. The Eat Happy Project also has a lot of printable recipes to help you cook along too!

Tesco asked us to recreate one of the Let’s Cookalong recipes and it was easy to choose – Lamb and Vegetable Samosas are something I have always wanted to cook but never got around to it!

I used the Samosa Recipe card to prepare all the ingredients – LP isn’t yet safe enough to use a sharp cooking knife so I prepared everything and then it came to the cooking.

Cooking Along with the Tesco Eat Happy Project

Together LP and I watched the Let’s Cookalong Lamb and Vegetable Samosa video and cooked as we went. Some parts that took us a bit longer we paused the video for but it was great to have a demonstration of what we were meant to be doing.

Cooking Along with the Tesco Eat Happy Project

LP loved watching the vegetables boil and helping me fry the mince and vegetables. It was a great way to teach her more about kitchen safety as well as the different cooking techniques.

Cooking Along with the Tesco Eat Happy Project

The most difficult part of cooking the samosas was folding the filling into the filo pastry triangle shapes so LP and I did this together – with her brushing on oil and me doing the folding. It worked well and she makes a great little kitchen helper!

Cooking Along with the Tesco Eat Happy Project

In the end the samosas turned out lovely and are definitely something we will cook again. LP also loved the experience. She is used to baking with me but I don’t think we have cooked anything together using the hob before – she is already asking to cook again!

Cooking Along with the Tesco Eat Happy Project

What is the Tesco Eat Happy Project?

The Eat Happy Project has so many free activities and resources to help children build a healthier, happier relationship with food and it’s definitely a website I will be using in the future!

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