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Over the last few years we have done extensive work to our home – with a new bathroom, a new extension and a loft conversion in the pipeline. There are always so many decisions to make with any work on your home and one of the most important decisions is always what flooring to use.

What flooring should I use?

You may think that you have a simple choice between just carpet or a wooden floor but think again – there are a lot more options than that when it comes to finding the perfect flooring for your home. Carpets, vinyl flooring and a whole world of wooden flooring options are available so you need to do your research to work out which is right for you, your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

What wooden flooring options are there?

Our home has mostly original solid wood floorboards at the moment – ones that have warped and moved over time. Now, you can get solid wood floorboards made from layers of hardwood that are dried and treated to make them last longer, be as hard wearing as possible and to need as little maintenance as possible too. 

Another popular option is engineered wood flooring which is built to last with a layered construction of hardwood on top followed by layers of strong plywood. Engineered wood flooring comes in a wide variety of wood finishes including oak, walnut, beech and ash wood, making it look just as good – if not better – than traditional wooden floors.

Engineered wood floors are really stable and won’t expand and shrink when the temperature changes like solid wood floors. Engineered wood flooring is resistant to change and the planks can last for decades making it a really great alternative to traditional wooden floors. Karhs engineered wood flooring is great for any room in your home including kitchens, conservatories and other high traffic areas.

We are looking to change our flooring in the coming months so that the whole downstairs flows nicely with the extension working seamlessly with the rest of the house. New flooring is something we’ll be investing in and I know that engineered wood flooring will be a great option for us. Easy to clean, durable and lovely to look at, we can choose a wood style that fits with the traditional feel of our home knowing that the flooring won’t need to be replaced again in a couple of years time.

Choosing the Right Flooring for your Home

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