What would you change about yourself?

Every so often I have conversations with friends where they are unhappy with how they look – they might be overweight, want bigger breasts, a smaller nose or to get some other form of cosmetic surgery. Most people would change something about themselves given the opportunity and for me, the one thing I have always wanted to change, is my teeth.

What would you change about yourself?

I remember going to the dentist often as a child and as the years went by I started going to the orthodontist as a teenager, first to have ‘train track’ braces and then to have a removable retainer. I spent over two years in and out of the dentist and really the experience was fine but my parents insisted that they didn’t want me to have a traumatic time and so didn’t let me have any teeth removed. Because of this I still have too many teeth in my mouth and although my teeth are a lot straighter than they were in my teens they are definitely not as straight as I would like them to be.

I have been looking into cosmetic dentistry for a while now and read about Natalie”s experience of adult braces which really inspired me to get something done to my teeth at some point – although I still think it is a few years in the future.

There are so many options for cases like mine and I have been reading up on Inman Aligner, or invisible braces which I think from a purely cosmetic point of view would be fantastic to have – I couldn’t imagine being in my thirties with train track braces!

At the moment there are other things I need to spend money on, and I know that there always will be. But once our extension and loft conversion are completed I will be seriously looking into getting my teeth fixed, the one part of me that has always knocked my confidence and I have always wanted to change.

What would you change about yourself if given the opportunity?

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  1. The only 2 things I hate are my teeth and my hair. My hair got very thin over the last 10 years. Probably only myself to blame but it is hard to get volume into it sometimes and on top of that I never really go to the hairdresser (twice a year) because it is so thin. Would love to a proper nice looking hair cut.

  2. I had terrible acne as a teen & still get spots now at 29. As s result I have awful scarred and pitted skin from the spots. It affects my confidence so much – i struggle to hold conversations as feel people are staring at my skin. I would absolutely love to have dermabrasion of some sort x

  3. I guess from this we can take that everyone wants to change something, that we are all individual. I really do try to be happy and confident about my body. The two things that get me down are my skin, I have rosacea which makes me feel like people are always staring at my red red nose (they’re probably not) but it does knock my confidence sometimes when it has flared up. I can’t really wear make up to cover it as it makes it worse. And I’d love to be able to see without glasses or contacts.

  4. I always want to change something. Would love bigger boobs and to be abit taller, maybe have my teeth straightened aswell. But if i changed all these things i wouldn’t be me. People will have to take me as i am, crooked teeth and all x

  5. I’ve always wanted to change my teeth too – they are really small, so when I smile with my mouth open it sometimes looks like I haven’t got any teeth at all!! They are also really yellow as I get older (coffee is to blame!) … I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford new teeth as to change them would cost a FORTUNE … but I might have them whitened one day. I never used to want anythings cosmetically changed but I think I would like the excess skin removed from my tummy now!

  6. If I had a magic wand I would definitely magically make my body look the way it did when I was 18! I wish I could come to terms with the fact I’ll never look like that again but I find it really hard tbh xx

  7. Hey Donna!

    I was very apprehensive about being in my 30’s with braces – but I was amazed at the incredible reaction I got from people. I *thought* I’d feel like a goofy teenager, but in fact, I got so many comments of respect and admiration. (I was surprised at just how many adults wished to have braces as well). I feel proud to be rockin’ these braces!

    I have the white Damon braces. They are very discreet and self-ligating which means they are very comfortable to wear. I also knew that I wanted fixed braces in order that I wouldn’t be tempted to take them out every time I ate, night out, felt uncomfortable etc.

    Not all braces are suitable for all dental conditions, but do seek a couple of consultations from qualified orthodontists (not just dentists that are doing braces!). I think I’ve already passed on my Ortho’s info – but let me know if you need it again. He is an awesome guy and I definitely recommend a consult if nothing else.

    PS. That is such a pretty photo of you! Keep smiling!

  8. Oh do it, I’ve seen several people in their 30/40s with braces and I think good for them!

    Me.. My weight, I wish I didn’t struggle with it all the time and my skin – actually everything related to having pcos – all the side affects suck. X

  9. I’d love to get my teeth properly straightened and whitened too. I had braces as a teenager but they were taken off before my teeth were properly straightened and so I’d like to get them sorted out. The other thing I’d like is laser eye surgery – imagine a life without glasses or contacts!

  10. I have always wanted to get a bright white set of teeth. Mine are definitely quite straight but I just wish they were super white. I would also love to get lasik for my eyes since I’m basically blind

  11. Great post! Adult braces really aren’t the big deal they used to, now that they’re so subtle and the results are so effective. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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