Here are all the reviews that we have completed – and it’s quite an eclectic mix. Scroll back further to see all the places we have visited, the events we have been invited to and the products we have tested.

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Poppet Moshi Trunki Review

I don’t think I have ever been quite as excited as when a parcel from Trunki arrived on my doorstep. Even the packaging made me smile! The box was made to look like a shed so that once the box was empty you could use it as a kennel for your new chum! Who is Poppet Moshi? The Poppet character is a familiar figure from the Moshi Monsters brand which…

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Little Bird Told Me 3 in 1 Nursing Cushion Review

I was asked by Little Bird Told Me if I would like to review one of their nursing cushions. I have never used a nursing cushion before as LP had been tiny and even now doesn’t weigh very much – I’d always found it easy to position her and keep good posture but with Little Man I had been finding that as he weighs a lot more than his Sister…


Walkers Mighty Lights Crisps Review | AD

As you will all know from reading this blog – I like food. Actually I love food. The one thing I love more than just normal food is snacks. I am a self confessed snacker – I could quite easily skip my three meals a day and graze on snacks instead! What would be my favourite type of snack? …… Crisps! You can imagine my delight when a box of…


Munchkin Toddler Cup, Snack Catcher and Cutlery Review

The people at Munchkin recently sent us a lovely box full of goodies to try out and review! The first thing we noticed were the lovely bright colours. Every Munchkin product is loud with colour and it really makes a change from baby pink and baby blue items. We started using everything as soon as we could and LP took to all three items immediately – She couldn’t wait to…


Bambino Merino Sleeping Bag Review

Recently Bambino Merino sent us a sleeping bag to try out and review which was great timing as Little Man can’t seem to sleep without a sleeping bag – he hates it if his legs are ‘free’ when he’s asleep and wakes himself up constantly so I was happy to try out a new sleeping bag with him. Why should you get Bambino Merino? Bambino Merino products are made from…


Kiddicare Hayes Review

I am no stranger to the Kiddicare brand and was happy to oblige when they invited us along for a blogger day after the opening of their 11th and newest store in Hayes, Lombardy Retail Park, Coldharbour Lane, West London. What are our experiences of Kiddicare? I have previously visited the Kiddicare ‘flagship’ store in Peterborough when I was pregnant with LP, this was before Kiddicare became part of the…


Ann Wo Photography – Pregnancy/Newborn Photography

It is coming up to LP’s 2nd Birthday and this marks 2 years since I met Ann Wo, from Ann Wo Photography – a fairly local photographer who specialises in newborn photographyLondon and the surrounding areas. What is Ann Wo Photography like? Ann came to our house when LP was 13 days old and took some amazing photos of her. Ann generally works at a client’s home or ‘on location’…