Here are all the reviews that we have completed – and it’s quite an eclectic mix. Scroll back further to see all the places we have visited, the events we have been invited to and the products we have tested.

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Michael Morpurgo Christmas Stories Review

We love books – This is a recurring theme on this blog – We will happy have an infinite number of books in the house and LP reads all the time. I haven’t read myself as much as I would like since having children as I just don’t have the time – and blogging has taken over the times when I used to read too. However, we were recently sent…

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Rockabye-Baby Children’s Clothing Review

I absolutely love finding new companies to shop with especially ones that are different, individual and funky. Rockabye-Baby is just that. I have seen Rockabye-Baby clothing occasionally in the past – online, at baby shows and in boutique shops and every time I’ve seen it I have loved it! Well the people at Rockabye-Baby gave me the opportunity to do a review for them. Who are Rockabye-Baby Children’s Clothing? Rockabye-Baby…


Nim’s Fruit Crisps Review

Regular readers will have followed my WeightWatchers journey and will also know that we love food in our house – we have three good meals a day and lots of snacks too! It’s so hard to find snacks that are healthy as well as tasty so when I saw Nim’s Fruit Crisps I jumped at the chance of trying them. What flavours do Nim’s Fruit Crisps come in?  Nim’s Fruit…


Shrek The Musical DVD Review

Shrek has now been around for years – The first movie came out back in 2001! Since then there have been three follow on movies as well as spin offs such as Puss in Boots. The whole Shrek franchise is something that both children and adults love, a fairytale story of a Princess and an Ogre who love each other against the odds – and it is now a brand…


Stevens – The Cornish Slate Company Review

Something you may or may not know about me is that I absolutely love Cornwall, we would holiday there every year if we could! It’s one of the most beautiful places in the UK. One thing I wasn’t aware of was that there is a Made in Cornwall scheme, vetter and operated by the Cornish Council, that showcases the very best in authentic Cornish products – everything from hand crafted items…


Bluestone National Park Resort and Kingdom of the Elves Review

We were lucky enough to win a week’s holiday at Bluestone National Park Resort and it was our first holiday as a family of 4. We were really looking forward to our family self catering break away. What were our first impressions of the Bluestone National Park Resort? We arrived just before 5pm in the evening, as the standard check in at Bluestone Wales is 4:30pm – a lot later…


Karvol vs Calpol Vaporisers

Throughout LP’s babyhood we used a Karvol Diffuser plug in every time she had a cold, was chesty or a bit under the weather. We plugged it in whilst we got her ready for bed and left it plugged in for a few hours, unplugging it during one of her night feeds. How good are the Karvol Vaporisers? At times, this Karvol Vaporiser was an absolute dream – it gave…