Here are all the reviews that we have completed – and it’s quite an eclectic mix. Scroll back further to see all the places we have visited, the events we have been invited to and the products we have tested.

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Shop and Scan – A Little Extra Income

Hubby and I found out about Shop and Scan in 2010 and haven’t looked back. Shop and Scan is a market research survey that measures people’s household grocery spending across the UK. What is Shop and Scan? Each week we scan our food shopping with a USB zapper and upload the barcodes to the Shop and Scan website. Along with this we scan in and upload a copy of our…

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Babymoov Booster Seat with Tray Review

We were recently sent a Babymoov Booster Seat with Tray to test out and review with LP. LP has always sat with us at the table for meals – from weaning all the way through to now. Why would we need a Babymoov Booster Seat with Tray? The concept of the Babymoov Booster Seat is that rather than a high chair the child is sat on a dining chair with…


Truprint Everyday Photo Services Review

When I was a small child I would always go with my Mum to the local pharmacy to have photos developed. She’d put the film in a green envelope, hand it to the cashier and go and collect it a week later in that same green envelope. We did this for all of our holiday photos, Birthday photos and Christmas photos. My whole childhood of photos are with thanks to…


SnoozeShade Original Deluxe Review

The SnoozeShade is not something I’ve ever tried before but it is one of those things that you have always needed without realising. We have been lucky enough to be sent a SnoozeShade Original Deluxe to review and looking back there are so many times I could have used it! What is a SnoozeShade? The SnoozeShade is a sun shade and portable black out blind in one. It can be…


Baby Bjorn Potty Chair Review and a Potty Training Update

As you’ll already know we started potty training just over a week ago. I was apprehensive of potty training in general, didn’t think LP would deal with it very well and thought she was still too little to be using a toilet or even a potty. Yet again, LP has amazed me. LP has dealt with potty training naturally and has coped with the transition of using a potty incredibly…


Soft Floor Kids Foam Playmats Review

When LP became mobile we bought some foam play mats from a local supermarket. They weren’t an investment – they were cheap and would do the job. Since then they have been almost destroyed with use and we were looking to get something similar that would cope with two children playing on it – we needed an investment this time! What are Soft Floor Kids Foam Playmats? Soft Floor Kids…


Bumbo Floor Seat, Tray and Cover Review

Our first experience of the Bumbo Floor Seat was when we had LP. LP was too small for a normal high chair. So when we started weaning we invested in the seat to use during meal times. Zoom forward over 2 years and there have now been some enhancements made to the Bumbo Floor Seat. It now has the addition of a safety harness. If you have one of the…