Here are all the reviews that we have completed – and it’s quite an eclectic mix. Scroll back further to see all the places we have visited, the events we have been invited to and the products we have tested.

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ToxicFox Vintage Flower Saddle Bag Review

I’ve written posts previously about looking for a new bag, something that leaves my hands free but also embraces my new found girly side. Practical but feminine – But not too feminine! I also needed a bag that can be used as an occasional change bag, one with pockets and spaces for different things and one that was hard wearing enough for day to day use. Who are Toxic Fox?…

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Trunki Yondi Travel Pillow Review

We are huge Trunki fans in our house and LP is never far from her Trunki pal – Playing with it most evenings before her bath. The original Trunki suitcase is only one of many innovative products that Trunki produce – The latest being the Trunki Yondi which we were sent to review. What is the Trunki Yondi Travel Pillow? The Trunki Yondi is a kids travel pillow, available in…


Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs and Socks Review

I’ve written a lot about Little Man’s teething hell and how he is a complete dribbly mess at times. I’d been putting up with soggy sleepsuits whilst I get around to buying some dribble bibs but Funky Giraffe saved the day and sent me some of the Bandana Bibs to review, along with a very cute pair of socks! What are Funky Giraffe bibs like? I was asked to select…


Lilliputiens Arnold The Hippo Stacking Pyramid Review

Little Man is at the age now where he needs more stimulation and he’s never happy just playing with one thing – He needs as much as possible to keep him engaged and entertained. Long gone are the days where he’ll lay in one place, staring at toys hanging above him or bright lights around the room. He’s very much interested in toys now and we’ve been looking to buy…


Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review

I’ve spoken before about my love of babywearing. It’s not really something I embraced much with LP but now with Little Man there are times when it makes life so much easier – Often I find a single pushchair and baby carriers a lot more manageable than a double buggy and often LP will want to walk – Having LM in the carrier leaves my hands free to deal hold…


The Gro Company Gro Light Review

We’ve had our fair share of night lights since LP was born. The most recent being the Gro Egg that we reviewed last year – A great room thermometer that gives a warm glow at the same time. We’ve also had a few baby monitors which have night lights built in. The one thing we have never tried is a dedicated nightlight other than plug in ones – All of…


Hotel Chocolat Classic Champagne Truffles Review

There are so many people in my life that I find it hard to buy for. There are also occasions when I’d like to buy someone something ‘just because’ but I never know what to send – Flowers don’t always seem like the right kind of gesture. When Hotel Chocolat gave me the chance to review their Classic Champagne Truffles I knew as soon as they arrived that I’d be…