Here are all the reviews that we have completed – and it’s quite an eclectic mix. Scroll back further to see all the places we have visited, the events we have been invited to and the products we have tested.

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Y-Volution 3 in 1 Y Glider Review

LP has a new found love of anything she can sit on and move along – she loves her Tunki and loves playing with trikes at the local toddler soft play. At home though she didn’t have anything like that – the closest thing she has is a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe – not the same sort of thing at all! What is the Y-Volution 3 in 1 Y Glider?…

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Tomy Digital Video Monitor TFV600 Review

Back in August we were sent the Tomy TF525 Digital Baby Monitor to review. This was one in a new range of 5 Next Generation Tomy Digital Monitors that had been released – 3 standard digital monitors, a video monitor and a movement sensor pad monitor. We have now been lucky enough to be sent to review the new Tomy Digital Video Monitor TFV600 from the same range. What are our…


Doc McStuffins Lambie Boo Boo Toy Review

LP loves toys, any toys – She has a huge imagination and plays constantly with everything from her wooden kitchen, to her play telephone and cuddly toys. LP just loves to play. What is Doc McStuffins? We were recently sent the Doc McStuffins Lambie soft toy to review. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Doc McStuffins it’s a TV show where Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins, a six year old girl,…


Weight Watchers Biscuits and Treats Review

As you will all know, I have been a Weight Watcher for years and absolutely love Weight Watchers – For me it is definitely a lifestyle choice rather than a diet and it’s really easy to me to follow the Weight Watchers plan and incorporate it into my normal daily life. I found though, as most people can relate to, that is very easy to crave something sweet, fancy a…


A Shade Wilder (ASW) – Loophole Mirror Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a piece from the ASW A Shade Wilder range and I jumped at the chance. If you’re not aware of the brand, ASW state on their website: Dressing our homes is not unlike getting ready for a date, or a party. How we choose to adorn our homes can set the scene for our romantic encounters as well as our catch-ups with…


A Day Out at Virginia Water

We are incredibly lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country. We live on the Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey border and yes, it is very ‘towny’ but we have quite a few places nearby that are lovely and green or alternatively steeped in history. One of the places I love to visit, but hadn’t been to in a while, is Virginia Water. It’s about twenty minutes from us and such a…


Cherizena Christmas Coffee Review

I have probably said before in this blog that I’m not the world’s greatest fan of coffee. In all honesty I can’t stand the stuff. However, I do adore the smell of it. Coffee is one of my all time favourite smells and I love it when our house smells of coffee – it smells like home. Why do I have a coffee-smelling house if I can’t stand the stuff?…