Here are all the reviews that we have completed – and it’s quite an eclectic mix. Scroll back further to see all the places we have visited, the events we have been invited to and the products we have tested.

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Little Tikes Cash Register Review

A few months ago we reviewed the Little Tikes Mini Mechanic playset and LP loved it. I always say how I have a preference for wooden toys, I absolutely adore traditional, well made wooden toys but my love of them doesn’t mean that LP loves them too – She does, but she also loves plastic toys and doesn’t have any real preference – If she likes a toy she’ll play…

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Bah Humbugs Retro Sweets Review

Anyone that knows Hubby and I will know that we have a sweet tooth – or sweet teeth actually! If I tried hard enough I could probably live off sweets although it really wouldn’t be very good for me, so instead Hubby and I like to indulge in sweets as treats – Something in front of the TV or a bag of sweets on a long car journey. I have…


St Helen’s Farm Goats’ Milk Products Review

We’re always looking for ways to broaden and vary our diets especially if there are any added health benefits. Recently St Helen’s Farm asked us if we’d like to give their goats’ milk products a try and as Hubby and I had never even tried goats’ milk, and always have traditional cows milk, we thought we’d see what it was like – Especially as we are huge fans of dairy…


Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf Review

I’m now 9 months into breastfeeding Little Man and breastfed his big sister for over a year. There have been times through breastfeeding where I’ve felt uncomfortable whilst feeding them – whether in public or sometimes at our house with visitors or other people’s houses. I’d always thought about buying some sort of breastfeeding cover but all the ones I saw looked like a ‘breastfeeding cover’ and seemed to draw…


Peppa Pig Weebles Push-Along Wobbily Car Review

LP’s best friend loves Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig toys and TV shows are ‘the’ thing at the moment and I think this is pretty much the same for most 2 year old girls. Somehow though, Peppa Pig has passed LP by. LP hasn’t ever had much of an interest in Peppa Pig at all. Until, that is, I was given the opportunity to review a Peppa Pig Weebles Push-Along Wobbily…


Pampers Baby Dry have changed our lives!

This may seem like an exaggeration but it really isn’t. 4 months ago, when Little Man was 5 months, his nappies started leaking without fail every night. Not just a small damp patch but a soaking wet baby and soaking sleeping bag leading to a very awake baby in the early hours of the morning and two frustrated parents. These nightly leaks continued for literally months whilst I tried every…


Mr Nutcase Phone Cover Review

Hubby bought me a photo phone cover for my Birthday in October but I stupidly dropped my phone onto concrete and the cover smashed. Better that than the phone I guess! I’d been looking for a replacement when Mr Nutcase gave me the opportunity to review one of theirs. Who are Mr Nutcase? Mr Nutcase are an online company who make personalised phone cases for most phones. They do either…