Resolutions/Bucket List

Every year I make a bucket list of things to achieve, learn and tick off. It includes places to visit, things to do, days out and so much more – and you can find out how we’re getting on with our annual goals here.

If you would like to collaborate with us on ticking anything off our list please do get in touch.


Our 2016 Bucket List Update {February}

After only ticking two things off our Bucket List in January we have had a great month this month and ticked off so many things! Here’s how we got on: Go to the Cinema – We went to the cinema early in February to see A Good Dinosaur at Kids AM – we love these showings as it costs just £1.75 each although they only tend to show one movie…

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Our 2016 Bucket List Update {January}

At the start of the year I wrote a new Bucket List for 2016 and a month in it’s safe to say we didn’t get off to a flying start BUT we did manage to tick two things off the list. This month I went on a Spa Day with a lovely friend. It was actually a spa morning with a champagne lunch last Friday and we spent the rest…


Our Bucket List {2016}

Each year we write a Bucket List of things we would like to do or achieve through the year. It’s a list that prompts us to do things and something we love crossing off as the months go by. This year is no different and here is our Bucket List for 2016. Like the last couple of years, this list has quite a lot of variety to it. It has…


The End of Our 2015 Bucket List

Back in January we created a Bucket List of things we would like to do and achieve as the year went by. It’s now coming to the end of the year and it’s nice to see so many things ticked off. Here’s how our Bucket List looks at the end of the year: I actually read a few books this year although that tailed off over the last few months.…


Bucket List Update {October 2015}

This month has been a hectic one and I’ve written about it in this month’s Me & Mine post. I realised that I hadn’t updated our Bucket List for a couple of months so thought it was about time I did an update before the final one at the end of the year. This month I’ve ticked off start potty training Little Man as technically we have started – although…


Bucket List Update {July 2015}

This month hasn’t been the most productive where our bucket list is concerned but we have managed to tick a couple of things off – mainly because they’re things we do most summers! Last year I made jam for the first time and knew that I would be making strawberry jam year after year so I decided this year I’d make a different kind of jam to challenge me slightly.…


Bucket List Update {June 2015}

Another month, and we are officially halfway through the year – how did that happen?! I didn’t think I’d get to tick much off our Bucket List this month but we have ticked a few off – it’s been a productive month really! Here’s how our list is looking at the end of June: This year I wanted to go to a new blogging conference, one I hadn’t been to…