Resolutions/Bucket List

Every year I make a bucket list of things to achieve, learn and tick off. It includes places to visit, things to do, days out and so much more – and you can find out how we’re getting on with our annual goals here.

If you would like to collaborate with us on ticking anything off our list please do get in touch.


Bucket List Update {November 2016}

It’s that time of the month where I look back at our Bucket List for the year and share how we’ve done so far. I actually skipped October as we didn’t really tick anything off, but here we are, another month on and we have made some progress! Have a Girls Night Out I had a lovely evening out with my closest friend last month. We just went for a…

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Bucket List Update {September 2016}

This month has flown by – the summer holidays already feel like months ago and the children are now both settled into our school routine. At the end of each month I update on how we’re getting on with our bucket list for the year, and this year’s one is slowly but surely getting ticked off. Here’s how our bucket list looks 9 months through the year: This month we…


Bucket List Update {August 2016}

Another month down and it’s time to update our bucket list for the year. This is how our Bucket List stands at the end of August – two thirds through the year! This month everything centred around our holiday to Mark Warner’s Lemnos resort in Greece. It well and truly let us tick off go abroad and go on a plane from our list! We all loved our holiday and…


Bucket List Update {June 2016}

This month I expected to tick off maybe one or two things from our annual bucket list but I’ve amazed myself with managing to tick another four things off the list! Here’s how our Bucket List is looking at the end of June: Go to a Gig Before having children Hubby and I used to go to concerts all the time. It was our thing. Rather than go for meals…


Bucket List Update {May 2016}

Another month that has gone by so, so quickly! But it has been another month of ticking things off our annual bucket list and here’s how we stand at the end of May: Go to a new blog conference On 1st May I went to Blog On. It was my first blog conference outside of Britmums and I loved it. It was great to go somewhere different, to spend time…


Bucket List Update {April 2016}

This month’s Bucket List update is pretty poor to be honest. We have had a madly busy month and yet we have only managed to tick off two things! I know, poor show. Hopefully May will be better! Here’s how our Bucket List stands at the end of April: Get Extension Plans Drawn Up We have finally got our extension plans drawn up! They’re being sent off to the planning…


An Update on my Positive Changes for Spring #SpringForward

At the start of April I was challenged by the Institute of Inertia, in partnership with to revisit my resolutions for the year and to make a lifestyle change this spring. Spring is a great time to set new goals, make changes and refresh all those resolutions you made at the start of the year. The days are longer and brighter, there are flowers everywhere and it is just such…