Ordinary Moments

The Ordinary Moments is a weekly feature where I share all the ordinary parts of our lives. It has documented the children’s milestones, days out, holidays, funny things they’ve said and so much more in between. All the posts in the series can be found here.


LP’s ‘Dribble Dog’ {The Ordinary Moments}

I have mentioned briefly on Twitter and Instagram LP’s smallest friend, her Dribble Dog. LP received Dribble Dog for her first Christmas from her Uncle Trevor. She loved him immediately and would suck his ears until they’d drip – We started calling him Dribble Dog as he was always soggy and the name stuck. LP would always go back to Dribble Dog every few months, giving him cuddles and playing…

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Jigsaws {The Ordinary Moments}

LP has always loved jigsaws. We have so many wooden peg jigsaws where she has to fit the right character in the right position but most of those puzzles she can now do without any thought, she is swiftly outgrowing all of them. At Christmas LP’s Great Aunt and Uncle bought her a big farm floor puzzle and ever since LP has been obsessed with the box it came in…


Bathtime {The Ordinary Moments}

I’m still not confident enough to bath both children by myself so we wait until Hubby’s home to bath them together or LP will have her bath after dinner and we’ll bath Little Man in the afternoon when it fits in around other jobs that need doing, naps and meal times. Little Man loved the bath when he was smaller but since being able to sit up he has spent…


Wallace and Gromit {The Ordinary Moments}

As time goes on LP’s personality is developing and her preference for different toys, clothes and TV shows is developing too. LP has, and will always have, a love for Curious George. She adores that cheeky little monkey! But slowly and surely a new love is creeping into her life, a love that I can relate to and that I’m secretly pleased about. LP has discovered Wallace and Gromit. Growing…


Getting Baby to Sleep {The Ordinary Moments}

Have you got a knack to get your baby to sleep? A fool proof method that works every time and a way that you revert to when nothing else is working? Hubby and I started something when we had LP that is now second nature to us. It’s something we’ve done for every nap time and every night wake up when feeding to sleep hasn’t worked or after I stopped…


Playdoh {The Ordinary Moments}

We don’t do ‘messy play’ in our house. The messiest we get is using the sand and water table in the summer. But this year I’ve decided to lighten up a bit, to at least see how LP takes to messy activities and try new things at home. With this in mind we asked Santa to get LP a Playdoh set. The set LP was bought for Christmas was huge…


Shopping Trolleys {The Ordinary Moments}

Back in October I wrote about Little Man and Pickle sharing a shopping trolley for the first time. This became a ritual when shopping and something Hubby and I enjoyed – pushing them both around the shop, seeing them all comfy in the trolley. Now though, Little Man has learnt to sit up and can’t lay in the baby seat on the trolley anymore, instead he sits up all by…