Ordinary Moments

The Ordinary Moments is a weekly feature where I share all the ordinary parts of our lives. It has documented the children’s milestones, days out, holidays, funny things they’ve said and so much more in between. All the posts in the series can be found here.


Story Time {The Ordinary Moments}

We love books in our house and read them at every opportunity. LP will even now pick up books and sit and ‘read’ them for ages. She loves books, loves her favourite stories – Gruffalo, Going on a bear hunt, Tabby McTat, Night Monkey Day Monkey – The list is endless! We always try to have storytime before the children go to bed depending on how tired they are and…

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Ice Lollies {The Ordinary Moments}

LP has always had a sweet tooth and we try to mostly satisfy this with fruit although we do have biscuits and milk in the afternoons whilst watching a Disney movie on days when we’re at home. The latest thing that LP loves, after chocolate biscuits, cake and anything else, is ice lollies. The warm weather over the last couple of months has meant we now have a constant supply…


2p Machines {The Ordinary Moments}

We had a little break at a family holiday park a few weeks ago and I found one of my guilty pleasures whilst we were there – 2p arcade machines. I have loved 2p machines since I was young, holidaying in Margate with my grandparents, standing on a chair to reach the 2p slot and putting coins into the machine for hours. I’d learn when the right time was to…


Getting Up {The Ordinary Moments}

Our Little Pickle has been in her Big Girl bedroom, and in a single bed for well over a year now. She moved straight from her cot into a single bed with a bed guard at 21 months soon after her brother arrived. The transition was really smooth and since then she had not got out of bed by herself – in the mornings she would wake up and chat…


Playing with ‘Girls’ Toys {The Ordinary Moments}

The lovely Katie from Mummy Daddy Me is off on holiday at the moment and she asked me if I would mind hosting The Ordinary Moments for her this week – Would I mind? What an honour to host my favourite linky! So Katie may be on holiday but please don’t let that stop you joining in and linking up this week – Usual service will resume when Katie’s back…


Umbrellas {The Ordinary Moments}

One of LP’s favourite Christmas presents was an umbrella. I don’t think she had ever seen a real life umbrella before this – I don’t use one as can’t push a pushchair and hold an umbrella at the same time! She’d seen umbrellas on the TV though, most often in her beloved Curious George cartoons. As soon as she opened the umbrella she wanted it to be up, dancing under…


Playing With Stones {The Ordinary Moments}

Ever since LP started exploring she has loved playing with stones in our garden. She’d pick them up, put them down, pick them up again, drop them, put them in something, take them out of something. LP’s fascination with stones started last summer and this summer her love of stones has gone to a whole new level. LP will fill pots with stones, fill buckets with stones and move the…