Ordinary Moments

The Ordinary Moments is a weekly feature where I share all the ordinary parts of our lives. It has documented the children’s milestones, days out, holidays, funny things they’ve said and so much more in between. All the posts in the series can be found here.


Memories in Toys {The Ordinary Moments}

In a child’s lifetime they get through a huge amount of toys and you just cannot keep all of them. Many of LP’s baby toys had been given to charity shops a long time ago but we kept our favourites for Little Man to use too and gradually he is making use of them. I have so many memories attached to toys of LP’s. The first time she used them,…

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A Little Man’s Freedom! {The Ordinary Moments}

Now that Little Man is walking there really is no stopping him. He doesn’t fall down often, changes direction with ease and goes exactly where he wants to go. He has complete purpose when he walks and at time he moves so quickly that he almost runs. He loves his new found freedom and loves nothing more than being outside toddling around. It feels like yesterday Little Man couldn’t even…


Stroppy Madam {The Ordinary Moments}

Like any two year old, LP has her ‘terrible’ moments. On the whole, she is a funny, beautiful, clever, bubbly little thing who is an absolute joy to be around. But every so often we’ll have a time when she is the complete opposite – a complete terror. Then there are the times in between where she is just a stroppy madam! When LP doesn’t get her own way or…


Painting {The Ordinary Moments}

One thing we’ve never done a lot of is painting. I have a complete complex about mess and dread anything ‘messy play’ in case our house gets destroyed. But recently I caved in and thought I’d see how LP found painting for the first time. We had a coverall and block paints that we’d bought at Ikea a while back and we won some paint pens from Beebies Baby Store…


The Rocking Chair {The Ordinary Moments}

My rocking chair has been a fixture in our home since I was pregnant with LP. It was my one luxury, my one treat and a real extravagance at the time but it is something that I am so glad I had – I sat in that chair so many times to feed the babies, to give them cuddles and to rock them to sleep. The amount of times I…


Tunnel Love {The Ordinary Moments}

Children don’t need expensive toys, they don’t need a lot of things to play with but even so most families have a house full of play things. Our house is like a toy explosion and yet a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist buying a tunnel for LP and LM to play with. We’d been to an event in London where there had been a tunnel and they both loved…


One Boy & His Truck {The Ordinary Moments}

The main present that we bought Little Man for his first Birthday was a Moover truck. It’s sat in our lounge in pride of place since his Birthday in May and he has gradually started to use it for what it was intended – Sitting on and wheeling around the room! Although Little Man has only just started walking, he has no trouble climbing on the truck and moving himself…