Ordinary Moments

The Ordinary Moments is a weekly feature where I share all the ordinary parts of our lives. It has documented the children’s milestones, days out, holidays, funny things they’ve said and so much more in between. All the posts in the series can be found here.


Walking on Walls {The Ordinary Moments}

Katie is off on her travels again at the moment and has asked me to host The Ordinary Moments for her whilst she’s away. Unlike her brother, LP has never been that into climbing. She has always been quite reserved, preferring to watch all the other children climbing and adventuring but a good few months ago she started to enjoy climbing up to go down the slide at adventure playgrounds…

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Autumn Walks To School {The Ordinary Moments}

Most days I love walking LP to school and back, unless the weather is awful. On a normal day LP loves to explore as we walk. We walk down the same roads, on the same pavements and past the same things twice every day but still she sees it as an adventure and through LP’s eyes that walk to school is fresh and new every single time. Now that Autumn…


My Kitchen Worktop Hog {The Ordinary Moments}

LP has a new favourite place in our kitchen – sitting on the worktop. This all started when we needed to wash her hands at the sink and we’d sit her up there and wipe her hands and face over rather than having to crouch down. From there it has become LP’s favourite place to sit. Whenever we finish a meal LP will wander over to the sink and ask…


Our Little Picasso {The Ordinary Moments}

LP was bought an easel for her third Birthday and since then we have been embracing messy play although on any usual day she only has chalk or crayons readily available to play with – paint is just too messy to keep out all the time. She absolutely loves her easel though and will draw at every opportunity. She loves to draw circles and spends an age choosing the right…


Car Sleeping {The Ordinary Moments}

LP stopped napping when Little Man was born, at the grand age of 20 months old. She still needed to sleep but refused to and it has made for some exhausting afternoons over the last year but we have now got used to her routine – she’ll usually relax on the sofa in the afternoon to conserve some of her energy. Starting preschool though has given LP something new to…


Paddling {The Ordinary Moments}

One thing I remember so clearly from childhood is paddling on Brighton beach. We used to go at random times of the year – rainy October days for my Birthday or March when the beach was empty. We’d never go when the roads would be busy or the car parks full, would eat stinky egg sandwiches in the car and drink a thermos of over sweet tea. Those are the…


Walking to School {The Ordinary Moments}

Our routine has changed so much over the last week. We now drop LP off at preschool Monday to Friday and because of my working days and Hubby’s shifts our routine varies every day but the constant is that LP has to get up, get dressed and get to school on time. Some days LP will walk to school with Daddy and Little Man whilst I go to work. Other…