Living Arrows – 7/52

Living Arrows - 7/52

I’m really loving joining in with Living Arrows each week and finding the best photos from the week to capture both children’s personalities and the week they’ve had.

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Living Arrows – 6/52

Living Arrows - 6/52

This week’s Living Arrows photos sum up our week.

Little Man has been on a non-stop adventure of exploring every possible space in the house. Rolling, crawling, moving. He’s also been constantly blowing raspberries and sticking his tongue out.

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Living Arrows – 5/52

Living Arrows - 5/52

This week’s photos sum up our week.

Little Pickle has generally looked a mess.

Getting over a virus, snotty and tired looking with hair everywhere.

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Living Arrows – 4/52

Living Arrows - 4/52

My Living Arrows photos this week sum up for me how grown up both my ‘babies’ are looking.

Little Man is nearly 9 months old and is such a little dude! A proper little person.

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Living Arrows – 3/52

Living Arrows - 3/52

This week’s Living Arrows I’m trying to keep the theme the same and capture LP and Little Man’s personalities as well as their day-to-day lives.

LP is proving to be incredibly cheeky and loves to put anything on her head. This photo not only captures this ‘phase’ of hers perfectly but also how amazing her imagination is. Why would you put a bin on your head? Because you’re two and a half, that’s why!

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Living Arrows – 2/52

Living Arrows - 2/52

I’m hoping that over the course of Living Arrows this year I’ll be able to capture my children’s personalities in photos and watch them grow week by week. This week, as will often be the case, I’ve chosen a photo of each child rather than one of them both together – Photos of both of them are very hard to take at the moment due to Little Man’s age and LP’s resistance to having her photo taken, especially with her Brother.

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Living Arrows – 1/52

Living Arrows - 1/52

This is my first time joining in with Living Arrows and I hope to continue it all year to document our children growing. Some weeks I’ll do a photo of both children together, other weeks it will be two photos, one of Little Pickle and one of Little Man.  

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