Living Arrows – 25/52

Living Arrows - 25/52

This week was a busy week,

A day at work for me,

A haircut for Little Man,

A family trip to see Peppa Pig

and then a weekend at BritMums Live.

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Living Arrows – 23/52

Living Arrows - 23/52

Our Living Arrows this week are holiday ones, having just returned from a weekend away in the New Forest.

Little Man has spent most of the week exploring,

Taking a tentative step now and then,

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Living Arrows – 22/52

Living Arrows - 22/52

This week’s living arrows are garden ones,

We’ve spent as much time as possible in the garden this week,

In between showers and ominous black clouds,

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Living Arrows – 20/52

Living Arrows - 20/52

This week has all been about the garden,

Playing in the garden, eating in the garden, loving the garden.

We have spent as much time in the garden as possible

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Living Arrows – 19/52

Living Arrows - 19/52

This week’s Living Arrows is all about Little Man’s Birthday.

Little Man turned one on Saturday,

We had a party for him with cake – and presents.

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Living Arrows – 18/52

Living Arrows - 18/52

This week’s Living Arrows is a happier one

Days spent in the garden, sun shining and blue sky.

LP has played mud pies followed by playing ‘washing up’

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Living Arrows – 17/52


This week’s Living Arrows is from a hard, hard week.

The children have been sick all week, a virus or something.

We’ve stayed in our PJs for days and have watched every Disney movie we own.

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Living Arrows – 16/52

Living Arrows - 16/52

This week’s Living Arrows is all about being outside.

The sun has been shining this week and the weather has been glorious.

We’ve seized the opportunity to spend as much time in the garden as possible.

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