Living Arrows

Living Arrows is a weekly linky celebrating childhood. The project originally took its name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday we share a moment from our week and invite others to do the same as part of this linky. Here are all the posts so far in the series.

Living Arrows – 13/52

 We’re on holiday in Cornwall this week and so this week’s Living Arrows sum up our holiday so far. For one day at least the sun has been shining, we managed to sit outside and eat cake. Lots of cake. LP loves being outdoors, playing, picnic-ing and enjoying the weather. She’s growing so quickly, her hair’s getting harder and harder to tame and her personality is developing. Little Man has…

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Living Arrows – 12/52

This week’s Living Arrows. My gorgeous LP, in a new outfit, having one of her regular snack breaks. ‘Booo-Breees Pease Mummy! In a bowl, a pink bowl!’ LP loves fruit and would eat it constantly if I let her. Blueberries are one of her favourites although we don’t have them often – This week has been full of them! I always ask LP to go and sit in the lounge…


Living Arrows – 11/52

This week’s Living Arrows centres around our new playpen. Little Man has spent the week pulling himself up and standing as much as possible, not quite cruising yet but standing, bouncing and even standing one handed at times – Showing off! He’s probably months from walking but so far from the tiny baby he once was, this week he seems so much bigger, more boy than baby. A proper Little…


Living Arrows – 10/52

This week’s Living Arrows are moments that made me smile. LP has started finding places to sit in the lounge and she’ll sit however she feels like at the time. Sideways on a chair, reading a book and watching TV. My mini-me, the multitasker. Concentrating, TV-watching face and her just-got-up-from-a-nap hair, loose and natural. My perfect Pickle. Little Man, constantly pulling himself up on the furniture. Always learning something new…


Living Arrows – 9/52

Our Living Arrows photos this week were taken on one of the nicest days we’ve had for a while – Our first proper day in the garden! The weather was nothing short of glorious, the children were happy and the day was easy! It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do! Little Man was put in the playpen for the first time, in the garden, complete with play tent…


Living Arrows – 8/52

This week has been another poorly week here. A week of runny noses, grumpiness, teething and mostly lazy days. This week has had a lot of PJ days and relaxing time. LP likes to lay in our bed and watch TV whilst I’m getting ready. Sometimes Little Man likes to join her. Occasionally the cats join them too, and all four ‘babies’ relax in bed watching TV. A snotty week…


Living Arrows – 7/52

I’m really loving joining in with Living Arrows each week and finding the best photos from the week to capture both children’s personalities and the week they’ve had. LP has had another week of mostly being my Beautiful Mess. Scruffy hair and house clothes, playing, reading, napping and watching TV. Every so often during the day I will hear from behind me or across the room ‘Picture Mummy, take a…