Living Arrows

Living Arrows is a weekly linky celebrating childhood. The project originally took its name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday we share a moment from our week and invite others to do the same as part of this linky. Here are all the posts so far in the series.

Living Arrows – 43/52

This week’s Living Arrows photos were taken on my phone at Legoland yesterday. It was a very much needed family day and we were there from 11am until after their Halloween fireworks display that finished at 7pm. We got home at 8pm and the children were so exhausted we were pretty much able to take them, sleeping, from the car, get them into their PJs and into bed with minimal…

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Living Arrows – 42/52

This week has been a blur for me. I have been so busy and spent the whole week exhausted but not in a bad way! Hubby and I went on a rare evening out on Tuesday to the press launch of the new Dark Arts exhibit at the Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter. It was a great night, we had a really nice time but…


Living Arrows – 41/52

This week has been lovely – Hubby and I both worked at the start of the week but had Friday and Saturday off for my Birthday. We went for afternoon tea on Friday afternoon and then a traipse around the forest on Saturday in the rain. The rest of the week was full of preschool drop offs, pick ups and trying to get things done in between. A very ordinary…


Living Arrows – 40/52

This week has gone so incredibly quickly. LP started full mornings at preschool last Monday, no more settling in sessions – She is now a fully fledged preschooler! This has seen her become even more tired in the afternoons and even using the buggy board again on the way home a couple of times. Our Little Pickle seems even littler when she’s tired! I also signed LP up for swimming…


Living Arrows – 39/52

This week has zoomed by. With LP’s preschool drop offs and both Hubby and I working different days the whole week seems to merge into one and before I know it Sunday is here and I’m looking for Living Arrows photos. Apart from review pictures I haven’t really taken photos at all this week, we haven’t had many moments that I have thought worthy of taking my big camera out…


Living Arrows – 38/52

This week has been one full of sickness but thankfully we’re nearly all over that now. Despite being poorly we did manage to squeeze in an afternoon at Brighton around mine and Hubby’s work days and LP’s first full week at preschool. LP is loving preschool. She has friends and does so many different things that we don’t really do at home like making sandcastles. Dropping her off in the…


Living Arrows – 37/52

This week has been chock full of LP starting preschool, a visit to Little Street with Amy from 2 Boys 1 Mum and a day out at Langley Park. It’s been a lovely week for doing things and seeing people but unfortunately has finished with all four of us being ill with a virus so we have had sleepless nights with two snotty, overtired children. I’m hoping to see the…