Living Arrows

Living Arrows is a weekly linky celebrating childhood. The project originally took its name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday we share a moment from our week and invite others to do the same as part of this linky. Here are all the posts so far in the series.

Living Arrows – 49/52

This week has been a busy one with work, play dates with friends and generally just catching up with everything. This week has been the week where LP has understood blogging – she has always stood behind me when I’ve been taking product photos and recently learnt her ‘cheese’ face but now we have a stage further – I try to take a photo of LP and she picks up…

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Living Arrows – 48/52

This week has been a blur of work mostly as I had to work 4 days instead of three as I couldn’t fit my third day in last week due to Hubby’s shifts so I was playing catch up this week. But we had Thursday as a relaxing day of getting things done and then on Friday we had a day with friends, a morning with friends on Sunday and…


Living Arrows – 47/52

This is one of those weeks. Those weeks where you hardly see you camera, let alone pick it up. I had most of the week off work but as Hubby was working lates and nights it felt like I was by myself with the kids quite a lot being busy with preschool, play dates and running errands. We haven’t had a family day out this week although we did get…


Living Arrows – 46/52

This week has been busy, so busy. For the first time in months I have only worked one day this week, not because we had any plans but because I had holiday to take before the end of the year. So I was at work on Tuesday but apart from that I was with my beautiful little family. Hubby and I both had Friday, Saturday, Sunday off work and for…


Living Arrows – 45/52

This week has been a pretty average week, full of work and sorting bits and bobs at home, nothing too exciting at all! But I make sure that even on the average days at home that the children and I do something with at least part of the day – go shopping, run some errands, go to the park or soft play. There are always jobs that need doing around…


Living Arrows – 44/52

This week has been a very average week in our house. Three days at work for me and six days at work for Hubby. In between that we ran errands, had a couple of play dates, pottered in the house, did odd jobs that had been waiting patiently to be done and played as much as we could. We also went off to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth for shopping and…


Living Arrows – 43/52

This week’s Living Arrows photos were taken on my phone at Legoland yesterday. It was a very much needed family day and we were there from 11am until after their Halloween fireworks display that finished at 7pm. We got home at 8pm and the children were so exhausted we were pretty much able to take them, sleeping, from the car, get them into their PJs and into bed with minimal…