Living Arrows

Living Arrows is a weekly linky celebrating childhood. The project originally took its name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday we share a moment from our week and invite others to do the same as part of this linky. Here are all the posts so far in the series.

Living Arrows – 13/52

This week has been a really nice week. We had a great day out on Tuesday at Blenheim Palace that really just made the week – the rest of the week was sorting housey things, working and all that kinda stuff but having a rare family day out – and nice weather for it – made it a great week. Because of our lovely day out being the highlight it…

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Living Arrows – 12/52

We have had a very ordinary week this week with work, nursery and lazy afternoons. Although it has been ordinary it has been lovely and we have all enjoyed it – especially with a couple of days spent in the garden. The weather was so nice that Little Man had a bit of a fashion show in some of his new summer outfits and even broke out his new adventuring…


Living Arrows – 11/52

This week has been a busy one but the free time we have had has mostly been spent in the garden, apart from Sunday which was spent on a little jolly to the coast. This week’s picture of LP was taken on one of the sunnier days in the garden. LP loves an ice lolly and we only let her have them either for dessert or in the garden –…


Living Arrows – 10/52

This week has been a lovely week. It’s been full of sun and playing in the garden. Although Hubby’s days off fell on my working days this week we still managed to grab some time here and there as a family and we both had some quality time with the children too. This has been the start of the rest of the year for us – the start of days…


Living Arrows – 9/52

Another Living Arrows and another week that has zoomed by. This week has been a pretty normal one with work for Hubby and I, preschool for LP, her swimming lesson, a couple of playdates with friends and a little bit of family time on Sunday. Little Man’s picture this week is of his new found love of colouring. He scribbles with so much enthusiasm and energy than LP ever did…


Living Arrows – 8/52

Another week and another Living Arrows. This week has absolutely flown by with playdates, movies, swimming, work and a visit to The Baby Show yesterday. The week has flown by and we have loved having LP at home but like all holidays it has gone too quickly and she’s now back at preschool. This week’s photos were taken on a morning at home where we played in the garden, enjoyed…


Living Arrows – 7/52

Another week has gone by but this week was a bit more of an exciting one with a day at the zoo on Monday. Just one day out makes the world of difference when your week is usually ruled by two sets of shifts and preschool. Admittedly, the rest of the week was full of work and preschool but we still managed to have a lot of playing, a lot…