Living Arrows

Living Arrows is a weekly linky celebrating childhood. The project originally took its name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday we share a moment from our week and invite others to do the same as part of this linky. Here are all the posts so far in the series.

Living Arrows – 29/52

This week has flown by – as every week seems to fly by at the moment. LP finished her first and only year at preschool and we’re relaxed into a holiday routine already. It’s a shame that Hubby and I have to go to work really! Our photos this week sum up their personalities. Little Man loves to eat out with us now but feels like a big boy –…

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Living Arrows – 28/52

This week has been a lovely week full of sunny days, time in the garden, playing and just enough work to get us by. It’s been finished off with a night in a posh hotel and a couple of days of adventures – that we’re finishing off today. I’ll tell you about it all soon! These two photos were taken outside doing what we love best – having dinner in…


Living Arrows – 27/52

This week, on the whole, has been glorious! The sun has been shining, it’s been hot – so hot – and we have spent most of it outside. We have been in the garden more this week than we have since the start of the year and we have also squeezed in lots of time with friends, family time and I have even have a couple of evenings out of…


Living Arrows – 26/52

This week has been full of work for me – working four days instead of my usual three, and fitting so much into the other days after spending last weekend at Britmums Live. I haven’t picked up my camera much this week except to take some snaps in the garden. LP is loving picking things up and investigating them at the moment – especially flowers and flower petals. Even the…


Living Arrows – 25/52

The last few days have been all about Britmums but the first part of the week was all about having fun at home with the children. We got lots of jobs done, played in the garden and even harvester our first lot of strawberries for the season! LP loved picking strawberries in the garden and really liked holding the trug and looking after all the strawberries we picked. She even said…


Living Arrows – 24/52

This week has been a better week, full of routine, preschool and work but with a much needed family day yesterday too. We all count down to the rare days we get as a family and love having a proper day out, just the four of us to spend some quality time together. After last week it was something we were all looking forward to. These photos were both taken…


Living Arrows – 23/52

This week has gone so slowly but such a blur too. It was a week where we got our house back to normal, finished our decorating and put together Little Man’s room but it was also the week where we lost our beautiful boy cat Luke. After that, on Friday evening, the hours have dragged and the weekend was spent getting jobs done to just keep going and trying not…