Ode to a Lovely Friend

Someone once said to me that you have friends for a season, friends for a reason or friends for a lifetime. When I was planning my wedding, over 5 years ago, I met someone new, someone who was also planning her wedding. Amanda had moved from Scotland down to Surrey and was looking for new friends in the area. We ‘met’ on a wedding planning forum online and arranged to…

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This Time Last Year..

This time last year we were in Cornwall. We’d had a terrible experience with a holiday rental the night before (that you can read about here) and had to change our accommodation the following morning. We were rushing around like anything. Trying to pack everything up and get dressed – not just dressed but dressed for an occasion. A wedding! Hubby, LP and I spent this day a year ago…


First Missed Baby Bedtime and Hen Do

So, yesterday I was on a Hen Do. It was meant to be a traditional hen do but turned into a girly day out and a nice meal in a restaurant. I fed LP before I left in the morning and made sure Daddy had instructions on everything LP needed through the day, food etc and then I left for the Hen Do. There were five of us including the…