Favourite Posts

Here are the posts that I have most enjoyed writing and that have resonated with my audience as well. They are mostly personal posts, ones full of opinion or ones questioning current affairs or aspects of daily life. Enjoy!


I was on the train recently and just before I got off I saw this sign and had to take a photo of it. Priority Seat – Please vacate for disabled people. When did we start to need signs to tell us to give our seat up for someone less able? When did we stop doing the right thing unless we had a sign to tell us? I grew up…

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My first memory of bullying was at primary school. I must have been about ten years old and at the end of lunch break one day a girl came over and punched me really hard in the stomach. She knocked the wind out of me and I doubled over in shock and pain whilst I got my breath back. I told the teachers what had happened, they called both sets…


Our Journey of Getting Into and Out of Debt!

Today is a momentous occasion for Hubby and I. Today we are debt free – Aside from our mortgage, a necessary debt really! Hubby and I have had credit card debts/car finance/loans for the whole of our relationship and most probably the whole of our individual adult lives. Zoom all the way back to 2003. I was 18, got a job at a bank, had to have a bank account…


On Being Ginger

I am part of one of the smallest minorities in the world. I am one of only 1-2% of the population. I am ginger. I have always been ginger. I will always be ginger, at least until the colour fades with age and goes white, as it does with redheads. My Mother was ginger, her father was ginger and generations before him all had ginger hair. Lastly, my Daughter is…