Favourite Posts

Here are the posts that I have most enjoyed writing and that have resonated with my audience as well. They are mostly personal posts, ones full of opinion or ones questioning current affairs or aspects of daily life. Enjoy!

What is the Right Answer for Summer Born Babies?

Over the last few months there has been a lot of talk in the news about summer born babies and delaying their start to school. As LP started school in September, a matter of days after her fourth Birthday, I thought I should take a moment to reflect on how she has coped with school and ultimately whether I would have done anything different if I had the opportunity. When…

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National Kiss A Ginger Day

This morning I woke up to Facebook telling me it was National Kiss A Ginger Day. This day has apparently been created to stop ginger people being bullied and abused by society and instead to show Ginger people some love. By inviting people to kiss a ginger. Now, as a redhead, and one that was bullied relentlessly throughout my teenage years, how am I meant to feel about this day?…


History in the Making or just plain Selfish?

Tim Peake is a name that will forever go down in British history. The first British man to set foot aboard the International Space Station and a man that is sure to have inspired a whole new generation of children to follow their dreams. We have come far from 1969 and humans stepping foot on the moon for the first time when that dream of space travel would have been reserved…


Reflecting on A-Levels Results Day

It’s that time of year. That time when young adults all over the country are preparing to get their A Level results. They have their future ahead of them planned with universities chosen, provisional places given and hope, dreams and ambitions that they are longing to fulfill. So much rides on that piece of paper. That paper they have waited months to see and the paper that has given them…


When did Easter turn into Alice in Wonderland?

When I was a child Easter wasn’t really a big thing. I got a chocolate egg from my parents and my Grandparents bought me the latest Disney video – in the chunky purple case and with a free mug or cuddly toy. Roll forward 20+ years and Easter to me hasn’t really changed although I have two little people who make it magical – the Easter bunny comes and leaves…


World Book Day – Missing the point?

Today all over the country children went into school dressed up to celebrate World Book Day. I have watched this day unfold over social media for the last couple of years and have seen parents plan, with dedication, their children’s outfits. World Book Day celebrates the wonder of reading, books and authors with usually a week or so of events for the week around World Book Day and then a…


When do we Forget about our Natural Beauty?

Like most parents I look at my daughter and see such a beautiful little girl. I see her eyes, her hair, her skin and love every tiny part of her. I see her blemishes – the scar on her lip where she fell over, running with a straw cup in her mouth and the scar on her chin where she fell over in the lounge and I love those too, the…