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We’re nearly half-way through January already. Where does the time go?! For many of us, saving money and being financially stable is a New Year’s resolution. Whether you’re saving for a holiday, a house or just want a bit more income, we’d all like a bit more cash to ease our daily lives.

How You Can Find Financial Freedom in 2018 (Starting Now!)

From PPI claims to switching current accounts, there are plenty of excellent ways to make extra money. Here, we list some of the great ways to make extra money in 2018 — these offers won’t necessarily be around next year so it’s important to do them now.

Switch Your Current Account

With the interest rate rise last November now is the time to switch your current account. Switching to a new account can have so many more benefits and often they will give you instant cash for switching.

Offers for switching current accounts don’t last very long, so make the change as soon as possible. With the Current Account Switch Guarantee, making the switch is easier than ever. Money Saving Expert updates the best current accounts on a weekly basis, so you can find a great deal with a current account now before it changes.

Pay Off Debts with Highest Interest First

Paying off debt is a great feeling. If you’ve got any credit cards or loans, chances are that the interest on them will be having a pretty big knock-on effect when you pay back. If you want to pay off your debts in 2018, start with those with the highest interest rate. This is the best way to organise which debts to pay off first. Remember, if you do have a lot of debts, look for further advice and guidance.

Make a PPI Claim with a Low Fee

All PPI claims need to be made before 29th August 2019. Although it may seem like a long time away, PPI claims can take up to six months. This means you won’t be receiving your money until the summer. Making a PPI claim with a low fee is possible when you use a reputable claims management company that offers a no win, no fee service and takes a very small percentage of your claim. So, check these key details carefully when choosing a PPI claims company.

With the deadline looming, finding out now if you’re owed PPI can save stress nearer the deadline, when there will likely be a rush of late claims being made. Even if you don’t think you’ve ever had PPI, you should check. You might be surprised and could receive a cheque for thousands of pounds!

Use a Cash-Back Credit Card

Many credit cards will reward you for using their card. If you know that you can handle monthly repayments to the credit card, you’ll be able to reap the benefits. As with current accounts, rates will change, so if you find a good deal, sign up for it now. Sainsbury’s and M&S offer points to use in-store, whilst British Airways rewards you with points for flights. Always check the terms and conditions and find out the best reward credit cards available.

How You Can Find Financial Freedom in 2018 (Starting Now!)

There are plenty of ways to increase your income and reach financial freedom in 2018. Start now and have a healthy year of finances ahead. Make PPI claims before it’s too late, look at the very best current account deals and credit cards, and follow the rest of these simple tips to give you some extra cash this year.

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