FoodSaver Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

There are times when we have so many leftovers we don’t know what to do with them – Christmas, parties and barbecues in the summer spring to mind. I usually keep things in the fridge well wrapped and for no longer than three days so often I find myself throwing away food that we just haven’t had a chance to eat.

What is a FoodSaver?

There was a a solution to our problems when we were sent the FoodSaver to review, a handy gadget that vacuum seals your leftovers to make them last so much longer that just putting them in the fridge.

The FoodSaver came complete with everything we needed to get going – individual storage bags, a bag roll, a vacuum tube and full instructions. The FoodSaver was larger than I’d expected but as big as it needed to be to keep all of our food fresher for longer.

Review: FoodSaver

How does the FoodSaver work?

Vacuum sealing food is easy – you just put leftovers in a bag, tuck the edge of the bag inside the machine and close the lid firmly. You then press the big button on the top and the air is sucked out. There’s a button you can press if you have moist food too and the FoodSaver knows when all the air has been removed from the bag and shuts off automatically although you can stop it earlier if you want to by pressing the seal button – this is great for anything softer like fruit that would get spoilt with all the air removed.

The FoodSaver comes with a roll to make bags any size you require which could be more economical than using the differing size bags that come with the machine. You are also able to open a bag and reseal it again if you’re using the contents regularly for things like cheese, ham etc.

Review: FoodSaver

Once the FoodSaver has worked it’s magic you are free to freeze and even microwave the contents. Long term the Breville FoodSaver would save money as all food stored with the FoodSaver would last so much longer than conventional food bags or containers in the fridge.

Review: FoodSaver

Are there any negatives about the FoodSaver?

The only thing that concerns me with the FoodSaver is the expense of buying additional bags as time goes on. It comes with a large number of bags but replacement rolls are £16.99 for two. The cost of the bags though would more than likely be saved in the amount of food you are able to use instead of throwing it away so overall I think the FoodSaver would be a great addition to any leftover-using home.

The FoodSaver has an RRP of £74.99 although there are other models starting at £59.99

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