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Here’s this week’s instalment of Blogger Behind the Blog where I interview a blogger all about their reasons for blogging and what it means to them. This week I’m joined by Maria from Happy Mummy. Here’s Maria sharing more about her blog:

Where did your blog name come from?

I spent ages trying different blog names on my domain name checker and they were all taken, but as soon as I thought of Happy Mummy I knew that was the one I wanted 🙂

When did you start your blog and why?

I started it in 2014 as a pregnancy diary. I wanted to document my pregnancy as I knew I would forget most of it by the time it came to telling Lily in the future 🙂

What did you do before you blogged?

I worked full time before I blogged. I still work now although one day my goal is to earn a part time income from blogging.

What was your first post?

My pregnancy diary 🙂

What inspires you to blog?

I can get inspiration from many things; a lovely play day with Lily, a great day out or holiday or just something I need to rant about and share an opinion on.

What post has had the best response, which post are you most proud of and which post did you enjoy writing the most?

The most response has been from my post “Mum” should be on your CV! I think it really resonated with people; the reason for the post was that I was fed up of “Mum” being seen as a career break. The post I most enjoyed writing was the post about our visit to the historical dockyard Chatham as I write about the history of the place and our day out and feel it was overall one of my best posts.

Have any of your posts not had the response that you expected?

I had hoped for more response and shares from our book themed days as I really love them and they are such a fab way to engage children in reading from a young age and making reading fun.

Where do you see your blog in a year’s time?

I hope to have an increased blog following, increased social media presence and to start earning a regular monthly income from my blog.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love having a space to write and document our memories; I started my blog hoping to cover everything, but it is becoming more and more focused on day out, travel and our book days.

…and your least favourite?

My least favourite thing about blogging is blog post promotion as I’m awful at it!

What’s the best blog post you have ever read?

Wow that question is way to hard, I could narrow it down to certain blogs I love but not certain posts! In fact I really need to update my blogs I love page on my website as it doesn’t reflect my new favourites!

What blog do you love to read and why?

I love reading You Baby Me Mummy as I pick up a lot of brilliant blogging tips.

Do you do anything differently now to when you started blogging?

Yes I interact a lot now with other bloggers and really enjoy the sense of community.

Is blogging what you expected it to be?

It’s a lot harder than I expected as there is so much more involved than just writing!

What’s been your favourite blog collaboration to date?

My collaboration with the historical dockyard Chatham as we had such a fab day there.

Are there any brands you would love to work with, why?

Yes, there are lots! I am working with Butlins in September and am really looking forward to it. I would love to work with more travel brands to review holidays as we love to travel.

Have you had any blogging fails so far?

Yes! A very public one! I launched a #StarLinky in August and created the badge; no matter what I did the badge code worked but then converted the speech marks when it went live and despite me thinking it worked several times I was then told it didn’t; it’s all fixed now thankfully but it was a public humiliation!

What is your biggest blogging hope, dream or ambition?

I would love to review a holiday abroad 🙂

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

Spend time with my family enjoying life.

and lastly, tell us all a random fact about yourself

I have a masters in law.

Blogger Behind The Blog {Happy Mummy}

Now that you know all about Maria from Happy Mummy, make sure you go and read her blog. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – thanks so much Maria for being involved!

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