The Beginning of Us – Sarah’s Story {The Knott Bump & Us}

Today’s story comes from Sarah who blogs over at The Knott Bump & Us, you can also find her over on Twitter @KnottBumpAndUs. Sarah’s blog is all about pregnancy, parenthood and everything else that comes with family life. Here’s Sarah…

An Arabic meeting…in an Irish bar!

Almost 5 years ago I had booked a trip out to Bahrain to visit my best friend who was living out there at the time. I loved going out to the Middle East because I grew up there, living there from the age of 3 to 10. I had broken up with a boyfriend who I had been with for almost 4 years and was looking forward to getting away from all the drama.

Halfway through the trip my friend and I were out and because we’d been out for 3 nights in a row we decided to go to a random Irish bar that was doing a ladies night (where ladies get in and drink for free!) to keep the night as cheap as possible. My friend had been trying to take my mind off the break up, spotted a bunch of men and went ‘Ooh Navy boys, perfect!’. I’m still not entirely sure how she knew they were in the Navy but never mind!

She overheard one of them had a Scottish accent and because we’re Scottish she struck up a conversation with them. He was really friendly and my now husband was with him (who is actually English). He didn’t really talk at first and actually bumped into me when ordering at the bar in order to start a conversation! We still joke about that now because he almost knocked me off my seat!

We started chatting and didn’t stop. They were based in Bahrain and Portsmouth and were doing 3 months at a time out there. We all ended up getting pretty drunk, headed to a club then somehow ended up at some New Zealander’s rooftop pool party. We exchanged numbers and he messaged the next day asking me out to dinner. I was reluctant to message back because of the break up and the fact I didn’t see how it could go anywhere but he persisted and messaged another 3 times before I messaged back. He says now that he kept saying to his friend ‘I’ll just send her one more message and that’s it’! He also says they weren’t even planning on going out that night and it was a complete last minute thing.

My friend kept going ‘just have some fun while you’re here, what’s the worst that could happen? ’…little did she know she’d be my chief bridesmaid at our wedding 3 years later! We went on a few dates and when I got home we skyped and phoned constantly. A long distance relationship, a couple moves and a year later we got engaged, a couple years after that we got married and a year after that we had our first baby. And here we are now. Who knew a rebound holiday romance, that started in a dive of an Irish bar in the Middle East, would turn into a family years later!! We have a photo of us on the night we met, in that bar, on our bedside table which cracks me up every time I see it.

The Beginning of Us - Sarah's Story {The Knott Bump & Us}

Thanks Sarah for sharing such a lovely story – It goes to show that sometimes things are just meant to be – If you hadn’t gone on that holiday who knows where you’d be now!

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The Beginning of Us - Sarah's Story {The Knott Bump & Us}

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