The Beginning of Us {Jason’s Story}

This week’s Beginning of Us post comes from one of my lovely Twitter followers Jason, @Tuckshot, who I have been chatting to online for a few months now. He says himself that his story does seem a bit cheesey, but that’s what I love about it!

Here’s Jason with his story…

It all began in September 2010 when I was going into my last year of university in Gloucestershire. I was helping my sister to move in as she was just starting her first year at the same university. I had a few relationships in the past and typically it’s always when you aren’t looking that you find the perfect girl. Anyhow, I was around my sister’s house quite a bit to start off with as she was just getting used to being away from home for the first time. I popped in the day after she moved in and she said to me that one of her new housemates had just moved in so obviously she popped downstairs and introduced me. As corny as this may sound I still remember what sandwich I was eating at the time; BLT!

It’s always awkward at first when you meet someone for the first time as you never know what to expect. So after we got past the formalities we spent a lot more time together in the coming weeks while I helped my sister and got to know her better. As I am a bit of a joker, I like to make people laugh and I seemed to make her chuckle every single time, it started to become more apparent that we both liked each other.

One night I invited all the people from their house over to my campus which was based at the other end of the town. We all had a laugh that night in the student union bar (which I have to say we spent a lot of time in) and on the way back I wondered if any of them wanted to come back to my flat which was nearby to watch a DVD and chill out. All of them said no apart from a certain ‘L’. So when we got back to my flat we turned on the DVD (which funnily enough we didn’t end up watching) and started to talk and found that we had a lot in common, it was at this point that we shared our first kiss which was well worth the wait.

From then on we have never looked back, it was a testing time after this as I moved back to Devon and we had to keep on travelling to see each other at weekends (as she was still studying) when we could. We had to overcome many obstacles to get to this point and I am so glad we did. Thankfully after getting through being apart from each other for so long, she moved down to Devon to move in with me and not long after that we got engaged (we are getting married next summer). I would have never thought that 4 years later I would be marrying the girl that I met at university who continues to make me feel like the luckiest guy on the planet!

The Beginning of Us {Jason's Story}

Thanks so much Jason for sharing your story – it just goes to show that university can be a great time to meet that perfect someone. I’m so glad you overcame all the obstacles to get to where you are now – engaged!

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The Beginning of Us {Jason's Story}

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