The Beginning of Us – Jade’s Story {Late for Reality}

Today’s Beginning of Us story is from Jade over at Late for Reality. Jade is someone I love bumping into at blogging events – such a lovely person who will talk to everyone! I’m lucky enough to class her as one of my best blogging chums and if you don’t read her blog you really should, and follow her on Twitter too – @JadePirard!

Over to Jade…

The story of how Joe and I met started in the early 90’s but this story is about how we fell in love. Fast forward 15 or so years and 19 year old me took a journey that would change my life forever.

The Journey…

From the moment I left the house all I could think was soon I will be there. It was the day I got to see him again. The boy I met 15 years ago in the school playground.

Getting in the car I felt the wave of excitement and my tummy was full of huge dancing butterflies. I pulled off the driveway and began the 1.5 hour drive to Shropshire.

With my sat nav in tow, I whizzed down the M1, off at junction 19 and I was on my way there! The traffic through Birmingham was hell due to the 50 mph zone and road works (little did I know they would be the bane of my weekends for the next few months).

Pulling in to Cannock Services, my heart leapt as I received a text message: “Hope the journey is ok, I cant wait to see you! x”

It was him! I got into the car and I was off again, driving towards the M54 and wondering what he is going to be like! We had been talking again for a few months on social media but now was our chance to meet face to face after so many years. He wouldn’t be that little boy I went to school with anymore!!

Driving down a deserted M54 I put my foot down, doing anything above 70 in my Saxo was virtually impossible, 65 it was then! Next came the moment I pulled on to the A41…the longest road I have ever driven down!! It felt like it went on for hours!

But finally 30 minutes later I nervously pulled into a quiet car park where I saw a car, he had come to meet me and show me the rest of the way.

One look was all it took…

Finally, all the nerves had gone….I was at my destination!

But our Journey was far from over!

The Beginning of Us - Jade's Story {Late for Reality}

Oh Jade that photo! The story makes me wish for chapter two! To think that you were at school together, and have that photo, and then meet again so many years later! What a lovely story!

The Beginning of Us - Jade's Story {Late for Reality}

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