The Beginning of Us – Harriet’s Story {A Rush of Love}

This week’s Beginning of Us comes from Harriet over at A Rush of Love. I have read her blog for quite a while now and love the beautiful photos, days out and everything Ava – Harriet’s gorgeous three year old. Today you can read how Harriet met her Husband – over to Harriet!

It’s hard to say when Nath and I first met because we’ve known each other for most of our lives. Our dads are best friends and grew up together and my mum tells me that Nath used to come to my birthday parties when we were young.

I lived in France for a 9 year period during my childhood but on the trips back to the UK to visit my dad we’d always pop in to Nath’s parents pub and he says he can still see my brother & I now, sitting together, babbling away in French. He was always someone that I’d see around and about and say hello to but never thought any more of it.

A few years later after a messy break up on my end I was on a night out with my best friend when, out of the blue, I received a message from Nath, I thought this was very random but it turns out he was also on a night out in the same town as us, had seen me walk past the window of the bar he was in and after hearing that I was single, had asked his friend for my number! We all ended up on the same sticky dancefloor in Liquid (I still cringe at the thought) and Nath ended up buying me a few drinks. He then realised that his friends had left without him so we ended up giving him a lift home.

From then on we would hang out together occasionally and I would think about how lovely he was but that I didn’t really want a boyfriend, but one day something clicked and I realised that I liked more than a friend and we started dating. He’s always treated me so well and he took me to Manchester for our first weekend away together.

The Beginning of Us - Harriet's Story {A Rush of Love}

Three months later, after an unsuccessful trip to Zante with some girlfriends (where I returned a week early having spent most of the trip in bed) we realised that I was pregnant. It was such a shock but we were both so excited! In November 2011, when I was six months pregnant, my younger brother, who I was very close to, died suddenly. It was such an overwhelming, heart wrenching time and I always count my lucky stars that I had Nath by my side during that awful time. He was my rock throughout and I kept my focus on our little family of three. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

The Beginning of Us - Harriet's Story {A Rush of Love}

A month later, on Christmas day we opened presents in our bed above Nath’s parents pub and he presented me with a large square box as my last gift. Upon opening it I saw that it was a Converse shoe box, this made sense as he’d been asking me for weeks if I wanted a pair. After tearing open the box I saw a letter resting on some newspaper. It was a beautiful letter from Nath saying that he loved me and he would ask me to marry him when he had a little more money, I pulled away the newspaper and spotted a small velvet box placed carefully at the bottom. I really am a dimwit because at this point I still hadn’t twigged and thought it was a charm for my Pandora bracelet. I remember going to open it and Nath shouting “Wait! Wait!” so that he could get down on one knee.

And on that day, my darkest Christmas, the first without my brother, Nath gave me a little beacon of light and I’ll forever be grateful to him for lifting my spirits.

And last year on the 22nd August, we were married. And that is the story of us.

The Beginning of Us - Harriet's Story {A Rush of Love}

Thanks Harriet for sharing your story. It shows that childhood friendships really can turn into so much more and you and Nath were obviously meant to be!

You can read more Beginning of Us stories over on the Beginning of Us page and if you would like to feature in the series please do get in touch!


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