The Beginning of Us – Hannah’s Story {Budding Smiles}

This week’s The Beginning of Us post is from Hannah at Budding Smiles – Her blog is gorgeous, she takes lovely photos and is a fellow redhead – What more reason do you need to go and read?! You can also find Hannah on Twitter @BuddingSmiles and here she shares her story of meeting her future husband.

Here’s Hannah…

Ah the internet, what a creation! Bringer of online shopping, social media, blogging and – crucially to this story – online dating.

In August 2011, my cousin and I went on a road trip to Devon. Both single, we got chatting about dating and she mentioned that she’d been considering setting up an online dating profile. She asked if I’d do it with her, but I initially said no because she was planning on signing up to one that you pay for and I was far too happily single to start paying when I wasn’t interested.

After some persuasion, I agreed to set up the most basic profile possible, with the absolute intention of never looking at it again, waiting until the 30 days were up and then cancelling. I set up my profile with the one lone photograph I had of myself on my Ipod – in the Amazon holding a baby caiman – then left it at that.

That evening I spotted a notification from the website, telling me I’d been ‘winked’ at. Curiosity got the better of me and I saw that a rather attractive man from Nottingham was the culprit. I sent a quick message and got an immediate reply, well two actually because he had sent me a message as I’d sent him one!

The Beginning of Us - Hannah's Story {Budding Smiles}
Hannah’s Profile Pic
The Beginning of Us - Hannah's Story {Budding Smiles}
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Phil and I spent a lot of time sending one another messages, then exchanged numbers after a couple of days and began texting. Exactly a week after that wink, I nervously approached this handsome man with a definite twinkle in his eye, as he waited for me outside a restaurant in my then hometown of Lincoln. I’d told friends where I was going and Phil had been happy to meet somewhere familiar to me, which I appreciated given we were from different cities.

For the duration of our first date we talked non-stop and I felt so comfortable with this funny, relaxed, interesting man – What an unfamiliar feeling for me! At the end of the evening, I reached for my purse but Phil said that he wanted to pay. I’ve always been fiercely independent but something made me trust that he simply believed in being the traditional gentleman, so I put my purse away. In more recent times, Phil has told me that he loved my acceptance of him paying and that it seemed very gracious. Phil walked me to my car and, with a little hug, we went our separate ways.

Those separate ways soon found themselves back together and we were planning our next dates around work and Phil’s upcoming holidays. After a wonderful dinner date in Nottingham a few weeks later, Phil showed me around his home and took me to his vegetable patch where he picked me some carrots. Never before has a bunch of raw veg been so romantic, but in that moment he had our first kiss.

Our relationship quickly went from strength to strength and we both soon knew that this was it. Ordinarily cautious in love, we knew there was no going back and were absolutely thrilled about it!

That, ladies and gentleman, was ‘Hannah and Phil – The Beginning of Us’/ So much has happened in the (nearly) three years since, so if you would like to know more of the tale, please do have a look at my blog.

Thank you for reading and many thanks to Donna for having Phil and I over to share our tale.

The Beginning of Us - Hannah's Story {Budding Smiles}

Thanks Hannah for sharing your story! The internet brought Dave and I together so I loved reading this story and can definitely relate! Hannah and Phil are now the proud parents to beautiful Toby – Make sure you go and look at her blog and follow her journey through parenthood.

If you would like to read the other posts in the series you can see them all here and remember to come back next week for another lovely story!

The Beginning of Us - Hannah's Story {Budding Smiles}

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