The Beginning of Us – Dave’s Story {The DADventurer}

Today’s Beginning of Us comes from Dave, otherwise known as The DADventurer. He’s pretty great – as far as Dad bloggers go 🙂 – and one of the first men to feature in my series! Dave’s got a gorgeous little girl, Toddler L, who was until recently Baby L! It’s a pleasure watching her grow on Dave’s blog and he writes all sorts of stuff so it’s definitely worth checking out his blog. But for now, over to Dave…

26th March 2006 at 01.44 am. A date and time with little significance to most, but this was the moment when I met the missus. I’d like to be really romantic and say something like “I remember the exact time because it changed my life forever”, but the truth is that I was pretty wasted and only remember as we have a photo date stamped with the moment we met. Ok, now I realise that this makes me sound pretty creepy. Just to clarify, as a rule, I DO NOT go around taking photos of women that I meet – the judge made it perfectly clear that I wouldn’t escape that easily next time. Instead, let me clarify…

I was a twenty-year old living in London on my placement year from Uni, whilst Hay was an eighteen-year old in her first year. I’d returned to Brum for the weekend to see some mates and let my hair down at a rock night at The Academy  – I mean this both figuratively and literally, as my hair was quite a bit longer back then. Being the fun-filled, loveable lads we were, we occasionally used to photobomb people’s pictures (N.B. this was waaaaay before photobombing became mainstream). We spotted four blokes posing for a photo and seamlessly integrated ourselves into the lineup. Then, SNAP. The photo was taken and we’d achieved our goal.

Or at least that’s what we thought. As we congratulated ourselves, the girl who was taking the photo (AKA my future wife) came over and shouted at me about how immature we were and how we’d ruined the photo (we still have the photo to this day, hence knowing the date and time). Not prepared to suffer any more verbal abuse, I hastily retreated and hid in the crowd. Later that night, having forgotten about the ordeal, I was ‘dancing’ away and spotted Hay on the dancefloor. I quickly turned, but it was too late – she’d seen me.

I cowered in fear as I prepared for a beating, but instead she approached me in a friendly-manner and began to chat. We ended up talking for a few hours, although neither of us can really remember what we talked about. The only thing we can recall  is that I suffered further verbal abuse as she compared my appearance to that of Mr Tumnus – the half-man, half-horse from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!

The Beginning of Us - Dave's Story {The DADventurer}

Still, I can’t have minded too much as we exchanged numbers and continued to talk every day over the subsequent month until I next returned to Uni when we met up again in the flesh. The rest, as they say, is history. Fast forward nearly 10 years and we’re still together, although now we are married, have a 14-month old daughter and a sausage dog. This decade has flown by so quickly – it still feels like we’re the same people and the same couple, only now we’re older, ‘wiser’ and more battle-scarred. Here’s to another 10 years!

The Beginning of Us - Dave's Story {The DADventurer}

Thanks Dave for sharing your story. It’s pretty awesome that you have a date stamped photo of the moment you met. Date stamps on photos, how retro is that!? I look forward to seeing what you guys get up to over the next ten years! Remember to go and check out Dave’d blog and go follow him on Twitter too!

You can read more Beginning of Us stories over on the Beginning of Us page and if you would like to feature in the series please do get in touch!


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