The Beginning of Us – Carrie’s Story {Time To Be An Adult}

This week’s Beginning of Us story comes from Carrie who you can find over at Time To Be An Adult and on Twitter @T2BAA – Here she tells the slightly unusual story of how she met the love of her life!

Lapdances & Lifts Home

I have a very special relationship with my partner Sion. Despite the story of how we met being potentially very embarrassing for him, he loves the randomness of it. So much that he will happily tell and re-tell the story to anyone that listens. In response to that, I thought it only fair that I get it written down and saved in the Blogosphere forever and ever!

It was a late August Sunday afternoon in 2012 that I first clapped eyes on the man who was to become the love of my life. I had spent most of the day sunbathing in my garden, until I received a text from my friend asking if I would help her look after her year old triplets, while her partner watched the footie with his mates. Thinking the boys would be watching it in the pub, I headed over; hair a mess, scruffy shorts & vest on, smelling faintly of sun cream and perspiration.

As she opened the door I could hear indignant shouts coming from the front room so we headed straight outside to enjoy a Pimm’s and watch the babies splashing in their paddling pool. Over the next hour or so I became aware of one guy in particular who was a little on the short side, but had the most amazingly piercing blue eyes. He seemed to be spending more time in the garden with us than inside but we didn’t really speak much.

Roll forward a few hours and I was sober, ready to start my new job the following morning. Sion however, was feeling the effects of a seven day stretch at work, hot sunshine, cold beer and a distinct lack of food. He had become much more talkative towards me, but seemed to have a mind blank when it came to my name…”Claire…Karen…Her” all made regular appearances over the next few hours. Our friends had noticed that he was showing me particular attention so the iPod was set up, ready for Sion to show me his supposed great dance moves. As Marvin Gaye belted out his thoughts of sexual healing, Sion shimmied his way over to my chair, attempted a lap dance then slid off my lap onto the patio. Undeterred he attempted this signature move again…only to end up once more on the patio. At that point he looked up into my eyes and said “So do you fancy going out sometime?”

As the evening drew to a close I offered to give Sion a lift home, although his directions were non existent and I basically drove until he said “yep this is my house”. It wasn’t a house, it was an overgrown thicket but he still got out, slammed the car door and wandered off into the woodland. I was pretty convinced that this would be only a vague memory in his head and carried on home giggling about the weird guy who called me “it”.

Amazingly the following day he remembered the whole thing, found me on Facebook, apologised and again asked me out. Having not had a date for a while I said yes to a drink. The first conversation that we had was about how many toothbrushes Sion owned (seven) and the most expensive toothpaste he had ever brought (£15.00). Luckily the conversation improved, the drink turned into dinner that lingered on until the restaurant owner had sent all his staff home.

Four months later we were sat together on Sion’s sofa when he turned to me and said “The thing is, we get on, I tolerate you so do you want to move in with me?” So utterly unromantic, but so utterly him.

Sion has made me smile since that first lap dance and I can’t imagine not having him by my side.

The Beginning of Us - Carrie's Story {Time To Be An Adult}

Thanks Carrie for this great post! It sounds like the perfect whirlwind! I think having a partner that makes you smile is definitely incredibly important.

If you would like to read the other posts in the series you can see them all here and remember to come back next week for another lovely story!

The Beginning of Us - Carrie's Story {Time To Be An Adult}

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