The Beginning of Us – Amy’s Story {The Smallest of Things}

This week’s Beginning of Us story is from Amy over at The Smallest of Things – Go take a look at her cute bunting header, stay a while and have a read! You can find her over on Twitter @SmallThingBlog.

Our Story

I was only 14 when I first met my partner, James. He was my best friend’s uncle’s best friend. I would just like to clarify her uncle was only 2 years older than her as it sounds like he was a lot older! We all hung around on the common throughout the summer. We saw each other a few times and it was a bit flirty if you like but it was never anything major. We started chatting on MSN Messenger and we went on a few dates that weren’t classed as dates haha, more like friends just going out. Then on the 17th August 2007 he ‘asked me out’ via MSN Messenger! I still remember the butterflies in my stomach, I was so excited. I had just turned 15 when he ‘asked me out’ and I never thought at the age of nearly 22, we would still be together! We then went on a few proper dates and each time I had an amazing time, I still remember them clearly nearly 7 years down the line.

The Beginning of Us - Amy's Story {The Smallest of Things}

James was my first serious relationship, although I never thought it would be serious serious! We just gelled. He was funny and caring. Life kind of then just went on. We always spoke about getting a place together, getting married and having a family but you don’t actually think it would ever happen.

In May 2013 we moved in together in a little one bedroom apartment, perfect for the 2 of us. Then at the end of June 2013 we found out we were HAVING A BABY! We frantically started preparing for our new arrival, we were so excited! We got engaged on our 6 year anniversary and we plan to marry when our daughter is old enough to walk down the aisle with me!

We had 6 happy years together and we plan to have many more together as a family.

The Beginning of Us - Amy's Story {The Smallest of Things}

Thanks so much for sharing your story Amy!

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The Beginning of Us - Amy's Story {The Smallest of Things}

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