The Beginning of Us – Aby’s Story {You Baby Me Mummy}

This week’s The Beginning of Us post comes from Aby who blogs at You Baby Me Mummy. Aby is someone I class as a friend in the world of blogging and I will always love the fact that she came to say hello at BritMums! Her ‘Baby’ is also gorgeous and that is reason enough to go and check out her blog – You can find her on Twitter too @YouBabyMeMummy.

Here’s Aby…

In 1999 following the breakdown of my previous relationship, I decided to take the opportunity to leave my job in advertising sales and go to University. My Husband’s sister (J) worked in our accounts department and I got on with her so well. She was also leaving to go to a new job and so I knew I had to go to her leaving party in Chester, not far from where we both worked.

J had invited my future husband to her party and he travelled up from Berkshire to stay with them for the weekend. The party was on 14th May, a week after my 22nd birthday. The evening started with a lovely meal, but then the details become a little sketchy due to the free following wine. We hit it off immediately and our first kiss was outside the restaurant on a lovely summers evening. Perfect!

At the end of the night we swapped numbers and arranged that he would call me the following day. The next morning my mum took me back to Chester to collect my car and I saw him walking down the street with J and her husband. Such a coincidence! Not much I could do though, when I was driving past with my mum!

I was on pins all day, wondering whether he would call and then as arranged he did! We chatted away for hours and we arranged that I would go to Berkshire the following weekend. Then, from that moment on, we alternated weekends North and South. I decided to swap university from Liverpool where I had an offer to study Psychology (and a flat share sorted out) to Reading.

The Beginning of Us - Aby's Story {You Baby Me Mummy}

After the summer of a long distance relationship, I moved in with him in August 1999 less than 3 months after meeting each other. Then it only took him 7 years to propose! We didn’t want a long engagement having been together for so long and so we married the following September (10 months after proposal). I was very into horses and riding and so babies weren’t really on the agenda for years, then a few years ago I think my biological clock exploded and it was all I wanted.

The Beginning of Us - Aby's Story {You Baby Me Mummy}

Unfortunately, it took us quite a long time to conceive and we got to the point of booking our first IVF appointment. However, just before the appointment we found out we were pregnant! Baby was born in March 2013 to complete our family.

Thanks Aby for sharing your perfect story – You and your husband have been together for so long! It’s lovely how you turned a long distance romance into the real thing after just a few months 🙂

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The Beginning of Us - Aby's Story {You Baby Me Mummy}

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