Beauty and the Beast Panto at Camberley Theatre

I don’t think I have ever been to a pantomime and Hubby hasn’t been to a pantomime since he was really young but he does remember going to Camberley Theatre as a child to see Button Moon! With this in mind we wanted to take LP and Little Man to a pantomime this year and start a tradition for us all, something we could share each year and as Camberley Theatre is within walking distance of our home it was the obvious choice when we were looking for a show to see.

What is Camberley Theatre like?

Camberley Theatre has had a facelift over the last couple of years with a new bar, cafe, toilets and foyer but the actual stage and seats are still a bit dated but this didn’t put us off the experience. Seeing Beauty and the Beast on a term time afternoon was a great choice as the theatre wasn’t too crowded and the children weren’t as overwhelmed as they may have been if faced with a packed auditorium.

Review: Beauty and the Beast at Camberley Theatre

What was the Beauty and the Beast Panto at Camberley Theatre like?

LP loves the Beauty and the Beast movie and was so excited to see it at the theatre – although until we arrived she didn’t have any understanding of what a theatre was. The characters were fantastic, with great voices and all looking the part. They could all sing well, the songs were familiar and catchy and all of the cast looked like they were really enjoying themselves with just enough audience participation – one character even threw sweets into the audience at one point and LP was lucky enough to get one.

Review: Beauty and the Beast at Camberley Theatre

As our first family experience of a pantomime Beauty and the Beast at Camberley Theatre was fantastic and we really can’t wait to go again next year – we may even see a show during the year too. It definitely isn’t West End but it’s a lot better than I expected local theatre to be. LP couldn’t stop talking about Beauty when she got home and seeing both her and Little Man so happy throughout the performance gave us a moment to cherish.

Review: Beauty and the Beast at Camberley Theatre

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  1. December 16, 2014 / 11:23 pm

    Yay for pantomimes at Christmas! I’m amazed you hadn’t ever been before – and so glad you all enjoyed it. It’s a great idea for a Christmas family tradition. We often used to go when we were little and I’d actually forgotten all about it, but this brought the shows back! I’d like to take Milin and Jasmin now- maybe next year, so thanks for the inspiration! Although we do see a good amount of kids theatre in the year, you can’t beat panto for entertaining little ones I reckon! x

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