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We moved into our house over three years ago. It was a house we bought as a forever home, somewhere to raise our children and a house that Dave and I could grow into, make ours and update over time.

The house was built in 1904 and has a lot of period features – Coving, ceiling roses and original wooden floors. Everyone that comes to our house or sees photos of our house comment on the gorgeous floors, how lovely the wood is and how homely they make the house. Yes, they do look lovely but they also have their negatives.

An Alternative to Original Wooden Floors

The cracks between the floorboards help the rooms to lose heat, they also collect dust, dirt and anything else that might fall down the cracks – Every time we had a potty training accident or a cat is sick I worry that it will be forever under the floor! Add to this the fact that many of the boards are cracked and there are even parts of the floor in the lounge that had been replaced with MDF before we moved in – Hidden by the sofa thankfully.

Old wooden floors are also noisy, creaking constantly and footsteps echoing as well as not being the nicest to walk on barefoot especially with floorboard nails working their way out every few months. Yes, the original wooden floors look lovely until you have to live with them and then they are high maintenance, expensive to restore and a nightmare to keep clean.

We are planning to replace the flooring at some point and as much as I hate replacing original features there are so many quality types of flooring available that we could get something that looks just as lovely but suits our lifestyle a lot better. We now have to decide between laminate flooring, hardwood flooring or even vinyl. At the moment our downstairs hallway and lounge are all original wood with the kitchen being very cheap vinyl. I would love to get the same flooring running throughout the downstairs to make the spaces flow nicely. We also have one bedroom and the bathroom that have wooden floors and these will be updated too at some point – carpet in the bedroom and most probably tiles in the bathroom.

Do you have real wooden floors? Do you have the same issues with them as we have or did you get wooden floors replaced?

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  1. I’d love to have wooden floors, we have rather old carpets and the whole house needs updating. Jobs that will have to wait until I’m working again. I had laminate flooring in my old house, it was already there when I bought it, but was really good quality and I loved it.


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