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Over Christmas last year LP became dry at night for the first time. She was seven and a half and did things in her own time, at a pace that she was comfortable with. It turned out that the school holidays over Christmas was the perfect time for her.

A Year of Dry Nights

As a child grows there can be a lot of changes for them. Moving from a cot to a bed, moving from a sleeping bag to a duvet, learning to use the toilet and starting school. Children learn so much, so quickly, and many of these changes can cause them to be unsettled until they get used to the new routine.

This is why when a child is learning to be dry at night it’s important to make sure they are as relaxed and comfortable as possible, without any added changes, worries or stress. Christmas is an ideal time for this.

For LP, being wet at night was normal for her. We tried so much to see if we could help her to become dry at night and followed all the advice you get given by well meaning friends or forums on the internet.

We stopped her having drinks after about 6pm and made going to the toilet her very last thing before bed. We gave her reward charts to check off if she woke up dry in the morning and we taught her to go to the toilet as soon as she woke up. But nothing seemed to work. 

A Year of Dry Nights

LP physically couldn’t stop herself wetting the bed – she just wasn’t ready yet. In the end we realised that the experts are often right – the majority of children grow out of bedwetting naturally and it just takes a little longer for some children.

There are so many completely natural causes of bedwetting and also a lot of myths around the subject too. The best things we did as parents was to be patient and educate ourselves, support LP through the bedwetting phase and use Huggies DryNites , enabling her to feel comfortable and protected during the night. 

DryNites were a constant reassuring part of our bedtime routine at home and whenever we went away. They were as familiar for LP as the pants she wore through the day – and just as comfortable too. They are really discreet and gave her complete independence.

She got into a good routine of putting them on before bed and the stretchy sides made it easy for her to pull them down to use the toilet. Importantly, she was able to take them off by herself in the morning too.

As well as being comfortable for LP, we loved Dry Nites because they were super absorbent. They didn’t leak at night and would last all the way through the night until LP took the pants off in the morning. Plus, they featured her favourite Disney characters on each pair too.

We tried to see if LP could make it through the night without DryNites a few times when she was six and seven but, each time LP would wet the bed and she’d say that she just didn’t feel like she could stop.

So, we’d wait a while longer and try again. The most important thing we learnt during the bedwetting phase, as parents, was to be patient and to go with what worked for LP.

A Year of Dry Nights

In the end it was LP who said, last Christmas, that she’d like to try going to bed without her trusted DryNites. I was really proud of her for making that decision and realising the time was right.

A Year of Dry Nights

The first night without DryNites LP made it to about 3am before she wet the bed. But, unlike the previous times, she woke up and took herself to the toilet. We changed the bed sheets and she stayed dry until the morning. The next night we tried again, and she was dry through the night – and she has been dry ever since.

It feels like yesterday that LP started wearing DryNites and I can’t believe that that she’s been without them now for nearly a year. It’s a joy to watch LP grow up, to help her along the way and getting through the bedwetting phase was very much a part of that, a normal transition that all children go through.

A Year of Dry Nights

We are now a household that is completely dry at night and it’s great to think that we’ll never need DryNites again. But I am so glad we had them when we needed them, and we would always recommend DryNites to other families working their way through the bedwetting phase. 

A Year of Dry Nights

DryNites gave the children confidence and independence, enabling them to worry less about this natural stage of their development and spend more time just enjoying themselves.

Make sure you claim your free sample of DryNites pyjama pants over on the DryNites website.

A Year of Dry Nights

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  1. Thank-you for sharing this experience, we have been through very similar with my 7 y.o. And still not quite there yet. Thank goodness for the DryNites aged 8-15 (she’s tall) as they just make life easier for her and never leak. Even at a sleepover she’s managed to subtly use them with no one noticing. My first daughter was dry at night at 3, and it has just shown how children develop at their own pace, at the moment my 7 year old just doesn’t wake up when she needs to wee

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