A Summer Memory

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I remember as a child not having any spare money when I was growing up. We didn’t have money for family days out but we always had perfect summers.

These are some of my summer memories:

– Going for walks on Box Hill. Picking wild blackberries and looking at the amazing view.

– Spending days in Richmond Park or Bushey Park, having a picnic and flying a kite. Seeing the deer crowded under trees.

– Going fruit picking at Garson Farm. Eating more fruit than we’d put in the punnets. Faces smeared in berries and smiles on our faces.

– Making a den in the garden using my parents’ clothes dryer and old blankets, laying under it on the grass, reading a book with the grass between my toes.

– Roller blading in the cul-de-sac outside our house. Forwards, backwards, figures of eight. Headphones in, listening to music up loud. In a world of my own, loving it there.

– Camping holidays. A leaky tent, re-hydrated packet bolognese for dinner, airbeds, sleeping bags and weeing in a bucket overnight. Days spent rambling through the New Forest, looking for rabbits, squirrels and more. Following streams through the forest and stopping for a paddle every so often.

– The huge treat of occasionally stopping at a pub for a packet of crisps and a glass bottle of coke with a straw in.

What are your Summer Memories?

A Summer Memory

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