A Pinch And A Punch…

Well, 1st of April. A day for unfunny people to think they’re funny by doing pranks before midday. Also, photo toasters, Titanic tents and Marmite Smoothies…

Luckily we missed all of that!

1st April for us was a family outing to our first Christening! I had no idea what to expect, I’m not religious and am not getting LP Christened. The Christening was for LP’s best friend, AW who is 5 days younger than LP but weighs 50% more. It’s great how different babies are!

Last night we had the best night’s sleep in a very long time! LP slept from 7pm until 8:30pm and woke for a feed – a lot earlier than usual. She then slept through until 2am when I fed her again and she then didn’t wake until 7am, at which point I took her back to bed with me to feed her. I find feeding lying down in the morning gives me a chance to wake up gradually. LP then fell back to sleep until 8:45am! It was lovely laying there next to my sleeping daughter, all snuggly in her sleep suit. I really treasure those moments.

The Christening was at 12:30 and we were bang on time, I hate being late for anything – LP being 3 days overdue was enough for me – I’d been eating hot curry and pineapples until my tongue went on strike for about 2 weeks before the due date! They tell you that Baby can come any time after 37 weeks, so I was willing baby to come from then!

The church service was nice enough. I don’t go in for church things really… When we got married I asked for a traditional church service with as little God in as possible… Everyone knows that I just wanted the pretty pictures!

The service was about half an hour, with a standard format and a couple of hymns where no-one sings or they sing the wrong words or they don’t sing loud enough. Except unlike a wedding ceremony, this had a lot more children/babies in the congregation, one of which kept going ‘Uh-oh!’ and another saying ‘Daaaaadddddddyyyy’ rather loudly! I found it all quite amusing. I’m sure the religious folk found it less so.

Afterwards we went to a local cricket club for a buffet and a drink. This was one of LP’s first BLW excursions where there would be constant distractions.. We’ve had lunch out a couple of times before but it’s always just been LP, Dave and I. There were 60 people at the cricket club!

Trusty Bumbo came with us and I’d put together a pot of rice cakes with cream cheese and a little fruit salad so that LP had something to eat whilst we waited for the buffet.

So we set the Bumbo up on the middle of the pub-esque table and put LP in it, facing away from the majority of the distractions! On went her double layer of bibs and we gave her the first of the rice cakes.

When out I make sure that I have a new nappy bag to collect discarded food and plenty of baby wipes. It’s so much easier to clean up as you go along!

LP was loving the rice cakes. As I’d pre-cheesed them they’d gone slightly soggy in the container, but it made her love them even more! They broke up easily in her mouth and she sucked the little puffs until they disappeared. I have never seen her so excited over a rice cake!

Dave and I then took it in turns to get a plate of buffet food whilst the other kept an eye on LP. I’ve learnt not to leave LP alone whilst eating. She hardly gags on food now and I can do odd jobs at home whilst she’s eating as long as I’m still in the kitchen with her, but I’d never go further than that. Anything could happen!

I ate my lunch and gave LP part of everything I had. She had a selection of sandwiches – egg mayonnaise, roast chicken in a creamy sauce, tuna sweetcorn and cheese. Each one she tried. LP isn’t used to having ‘constructed’ food yet, where the fillings can fall out, so the food did go everywhere but she managed to pick incredibly small bits up and get them to her mouth! All the bread bits went fairly quickly and lumps of tuna and sweetcorn were soon being gobbled up. LP seems to think that she’ll have more success at eating if she gets everything to her mouth as quickly as she can – it’s amusing to watch as her hands whizz to grab the food and then almost chuck the lumps into her mouth!

She then ate a triangle of vegetable Quiche and I gave her half an onion bhaji to try but she just wasn’t interested in that one! Cucumber, pepper and carrot sticks were chewed and sucked although still too hard to be swallowed by a 7 month old with no teeth!

LP decides when she has had enough and starts arching her back and making frustrated noises, so we distract her with the sippy cup of water, which she can now hold and manage beautifully, and clean away the leftovers from her tray and down her bib into the waiting nappy sack.

LP then has her fruit course. Halved grapes are sucked to within an inch of their life and the empty grape skin gets expelled expertly from her mouth. Mango, her favourite, is always devoured with gusto! We leave the skin on the mango and cut into segments, the same with any moist slippery fruit, as it gives LP something to grip, and she sucks the mango from the skin and then drops the skin onto her tray.

Watching LP eat is amazing. It takes her such a long time, but her concentration when she sees a new piece of food is immense, and she tries to get every last piece of food to her mouth. On the other hand though, she knows her limits, and if after a couple of attempts she cannot get the piece of food into her grip she moves on to the next bit. If she’s bored of something, she drops it on the floor. In our 5 weeks of BLW we have definitely managed to communicate with each other!

Throughout LP’s meal, I was aware of people staring at her. AW, whose Christening it was, was sitting in her Mamas and Papas Snug next to LP on the same table being spoon fed puree, so it must have been strange for the other guests to see two babies, the same age, one being fed and one feeding herself. Seeing them staring though made me feel so proud of my Daughter. She has come so far in such a short amount of time, and we are comfortable enough to eat away from home with her. Every meal we have with her amazes me, how she handles food and how her dexterity and co-ordination are improving.

AW’s Grandmother came over during the meal and asked what LP was eating. She exclaimed ‘Ooooh she has what you’re having? Even LUMPS!?!’ and I explained that she was allowed anything we were eating and that if given the opportunity a baby will cope with the lumps and learn to eat by feeding themselves. At that, she turned to AW’s Mum and said ‘I think AW should be allowed some of the Christening cake then, don’t you?’

A Pinch And A Punch...

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