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People reading this post may think I’m talking about our recent holiday troubles – with our holiday being cancelled three weeks before we were due to fly out. But no, I am looking back to the worst holiday Dave and I have ever had – a visit to Tunisia in 2007.

We couldn’t really afford a holiday that year, we had bought our first house a year before and were trying to pay off our credit cards but we had worked so hard all year that we found a budget package holiday company online and booked a last minute deal. It only cost about £300 each for two weeks all inclusive including the flights which now, looking back, should have set alarm bells ringing.

The flight to Tunisia was fine, the hotel was basic but fine and the beach was nice. But after our first impressions we started to see the reality – there were fly problems at meal times and there were stray cats everywhere. There were also a huge amount of incredibly drunk brits that did nothing to raise our spirits. But we booked excursions and planned to spend as much time away from the hotel as possible.

A Holiday Nightmare - Tunisia 2007

But three days in, and on a trip to the three big cities in Tunisia, I was ill. Really ill. I had to sit on a coach for hours at a time, praying that I could stop myself from being sick or from having an upset stomach until we were somewhere with a toilet. It was, pretty much, the worst day of my life.

But, worse was yet to come. Both Dave and I ended up in hospital, with nurses who were lovely but only spoke french. We saw more of that hospital than we did of Tunisia but we were so thankful for travel insurance! In the end we were glad to fly home – and it turned out we weren’t the only ones to have severe food poisoning – the plane literally cheered when we took off to head home.

It was such a disappointing holiday, more so as Dave had planned to propose to me in Luke Skywalker’s house on a two day safari to Tatooine – which we ended up being in hospital for. I don’t think until that holiday I have ever come back a lower weight than when I left. It’s definitely a holiday we’ll always remember but sadly for the wrong reasons!

Since then I have refused to ever book a budget break, instead investing in slightly more expensive holidays and looking at websites like Luxury For Less. It’s possible to get really nice holidays for so much less than I would expect to pay and now that we have kids this would be a definite option for us – there’s no way we’d want the kids to have the same horrendous holiday experience that we had all those years ago!

A Holiday Nightmare - Tunisia 2007

Luxury For Less lets you search for holidays within your budget, tells you all the countries or cities available and even lets you book flights, hotels and spending money too – all in one place. I know where I’ll be looking next time we book a holiday!

A Holiday Nightmare - Tunisia 2007

For now, I’m focusing on our imminent holiday to Greece and hoping that we have a better experience than we did in Tunisia – I’ll tell you all about it when we get back. If you’re going away this year – have a wonderful holiday!

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