7 Free Outdoor Activities For Kids

I was recently reading an article about summer activities for family fun and it made me start thinking about the outdoor activity ideas we like to do as a family but more importantly the things that we can do for free. Here are ten ideas of fun outdoor activities you can do this summer without spending a penny!

Go Out – Whether it’s a walk on the beach, a wander in the forest or just to a local park there is always somewhere to go for free for outdoor fun. Children are quite easily entertained and even a picnic and an adventure playground are perfect for free outdoor summer fun!

Get Active – Kicking a ball, flying a kite, frisbee, swings or even a homemade assault course there are so many ways to be active for free and the children can have fun easily in the sun too. Getting kids outside is the key to having fun in the summer.

Water Play – One of our favourite preschool outdoor activities for summer is water play. Water will always keep children entertained! A paddling pool, a water table or even a bucket and hose in the garden. Children will always find water fascinating and even if they get soaked they will dry in no time! It’s really simple childhood fun that costs no money at all.

7 Free Activities For Kids

Arts and Crafts – Crafting is one of our favourite activities for kids at home. Children love to make things and you don’t even need to buy anything special to keep children’s little hands busy. Anything you’d usually chuck in the recycling bin is great for crafting – Empty cardboard boxes, tubs, bottles, paint, glue and marker pens. See what you have around the house and get your craft on! If you do it outside on the patio or lawn it saves the house from getting messy and dries a lot quicker too.

Museums – There will always be rainy days in the summer and Museums are a perfect way to pass a few hours. Most are free and most towns have at least one. Inquisitive minds will always love to look at something new!

Feed The Ducks – Feeding ducks is something that you can enjoy whatever your age and it’s free! Ducks are cute, swans are beautiful and geese are downright cheeky! Children will love their personalities, will find their favourites and will love throwing the slightly mouldy bread into the pond.

Visit Family/Friends – Visiting friends and family is one of my favourite free activities. It’s lovely to catch up whilst the children play – Playing with someone else’s toys is always much more exciting than playing with your own and our children are always easily entertained when at a friend’s house.

The summer is the perfect time to make the most of free kids activities. There’s no need to organise childcare, just wake up, throw open the curtains and see what you can do today based on the weather. What are your favourite free outdoor activities for kids to enjoy in the Summer?

7 Free Activities For Kids

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