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When you think of disposable gloves, perhaps your first thought turns to medical care. You’ll have seen your dentist, doctor or nurse putting on a pair before they perform tasks with care and expertise, but did you know that disposable gloves can actually be useful in your home too? Here are six reasons you should keep them in your house:

1. To protect your hands during DIY projects

Savvy homeowners will know that doing a bit of DIY can save a whole lot of money, be it repainting a piece of furniture or unclogging a drain. But these tasks can all cause your hands to suffer, as well as ruining a decent manicure! So, if you want to prevent tasks and products from irritating your skin, keep a pair of disposable gloves close by. They’re available from suppliers such as Brosch Direct and you’ll find them useful if you have sensitive skin.

2. To make food preparation safer for your family

According to the government, around 1 million people in the UK suffer a food-borne illness every year, around 20,000 people receive hospital treatment as a result, and approximately 500 people die. So, it’s clear to see that reducing the spread of bacteria onto your family’s food is really important: use disposable gloves to provide a barrier between the germs on your hands and the food they put in their mouths.

6 Reasons You Should Keep Disposable Gloves in Your Home

3. To prevent your skin from suffering burns

It’s also a great idea to keep a box of disposable gloves handy in the kitchen in order to guard against burns from ingredients. Spicy chilli peppers such as jalapeños or Birdseye chillies can cause skin to burn due to a naturally occurring chemical called ‘capsaicin’. Guard against unpleasant sensations like these by using gloves to act as a protective barrier.

4. To guard against food odours and colours lingering on your skin

Pungent smells such as those emitted by garlic and onions, or lingering stains from spices such as turmeric, can be hard to wash away from of your fingers. But if you use disposable gloves when you’re handling these ingredients you won't have to worry about scrubbing your hands for days afterwards!

5. For use in a first aid kit

No first aid kit would be complete without a few pairs of disposable gloves: they’re essential for acting as barrier to dangerous viruses and blood borne pathogens and will mean that you’re well protected if you find yourself tackling a minor problem or a major emergency. They’re also great for wearing if you have to strip bedding for a child who’s been poorly in the night and will certainly help to reduce sensations that would otherwise make you squeamish!

6. For colouring hair without staining skin

Finally, disposable gloves are handy if you find that the gloves provided with boxes of home hair dyes are too small, too big or simply too flimsy. Pull on a pair to make sure that the skin on your hands and wrists are protected from stains and harsh chemicals.

*This is a collaborative post


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