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If you’re looking for a gorgeous location for your holiday this year there’s no need to book a budget flight and leave the country – the UK has plenty to offer whether you’re hoping to escape for the weekend with the one you love or have been searching for family holidays. Here are six, stunning UK hot spots you won’t believe are located in Britain:

1. Pistyll Rhaeadr, Wales

Of course, a location in Wales was going on to be on the list, as the country is renowned for its stunning countryside and breathtaking scenery. If you can’t make it to Niagra Falls then the next best thing is Pistyll Rhaeadr, an enchanting waterfall in the Berwyn Mountains and the tallest single drop waterfall in the UK. There’s a bed and breakfast and a cafe located nearby, so you can spend a couple of days really exploring the area with delicious home cooked meals and a warm bed to look forward to afterwards.

2. The Saddle via Forcan Ridge, NW Highlands

If you fancy feeling like you’re in Middle Earth making the trip to Mordor, then this is the perfect destination. The views are simply breathtaking as you scramble over the Highlands – it’s a route best left to the experienced climbers and scramblers and ideally undertaken in the summer months – and can look out over the Five Sisters of Kintail and even far out to sea.

3. Porthcurno, Cornwall

Visit Cornwall and you might wonder if you’re still in the UK at all as palm trees line the streets and warm temperatures remind you of Spanish getaways. Steer clear of the usual tourist traps and pay a visit to Porthcurno beach, which is based three miles from Lands End and is as close to a tropical beach as you can come by in this country. With golden sand, stunning cliffs and turquoise water to swim in it’s a stunning location, perfect for those who haven’t managed to get away somewhere abroad this year.

4. Cranbrook, Kent

If you’re looking for a whimsical location to visit, then Cranbrook should be on your list. With its pretty windmill overlooking the town and quaint Medieval streets you might feel like you’ve been transported to Holland. It’s a lovely holiday destination if you fancy some peace and quiet and brushing up on your history as the area features numerous museums and gardens to explore.

5. Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isles of Scilly

A little patch of paradise, in the Southwestern tip of Britain, Tresco Abbey Gardens is a hot spot for tourists and a perfect location for those who love botanics. It features exotic plant life – the gardens are home to 20,000 plant species from 80 different countries – the ruins of historical monuments and shipwrecked items in the Valhalla Museum. Outside the Abbey Gardens, you’ll discover Tresco itself is a stunning location with gorgeous views of the sea, sunshine and strong breezes from the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Penshaw Monument, Sunderland

As you approach Penshaw Monument your mind will instantly think of towering coliseums and temples located in Italy and Greece. However, the 70ft landmark was built in 1844 in memory of the first Earl of Durham and is perfect if you’re looking to spend some time away from it all on your holiday as you can enter the building and look out over the stunning scenery – there’s even a spiral staircase that leads to the roof to allow a better view. Penshaw Wood is also located nearby, which is great for family walks.

6 Beautiful Holiday Hot Spots You Won't Believe are in the UK

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