#5MinutesPeace – a New Instagram Community

This year I am trying to get back into social media more, interacting and socialising and really using each platform for what it was intended rather than just self promotion. To help with that my lovely friend Lauren has invited me to start an Instagram hashtag community with her – and I am just so excited to get started!

From Sunday, 8th January, we will be using #5MinutesPeace whenever we share any moments of me time. Lauren and I both realised how focused our lives were around the children and we didn’t make time for ourselves often enough. But now we are going to make sure we have a few minutes, or longer, just for us and share them on Instagram – so we can all share this rare occurrence in a parent’s life. Having time for you is just so important and we hope that #5MinutesPeace will help other Mums and Dads think of new ways to grab a few minutes here and there – or even an hour or two – wouldn’t that be bliss?!

#5MinutesPeace – a New Instagram Community

I’m already planning the few hours that both children are at school each day – to go to the gym, have an uninterrupted cup of tea or just sit and read a magazine. But, you might use the hashtag to share hair appointments, lovely new nails, a shopping trip or a spa day. It’s really for any time that is just about you.

Lauren and I will take it in turns each fortnight to share our four favourite images on our feeds that used #5MinutesPeace to show a little glimpse of your ‘me time’ moments, and once a month we’ll share our absolute favourites on our blogs too with a link back to the original poster’s Instagram feed and the blog too if the person has one!

So make a note of Sunday the 8th of January to start using the hashtag.  You can find me on Instagram here, Lauren here and follow the hashtag here too!

#5MinutesPeace – a New Instagram Community

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