5 Things Every Blog Should Have – Reader Perspective

This year I promised myself that I would read and comment on more blogs and I’m keeping up with the promise pretty well – I set aside time most nights to read a few blogs and I follow over 600 blogs on Bloglovin – I don’t read every post of every blog – I have my favourites that I read religiously, but following so many blogs means that I always have something to read when I have a moment.

When I was purely blogging, and not really reading blogs, I was clueless about the things that someone reading a blog would like – The things that make it easier for a reader and the things that makes reading a blog a much nicer experience. I’ve written this list of things that I like to see on blogs I read. This is definitely personal preference and will vary from person to person.

5 Things Every Blog Should Have - Reader Perspective

User Friendly Commenting – When I read a blog I like to leave a comment and I like the commenting process to be as easy as possible. Any system where I put my name, email and web address in is great – As long as Captcha doesn’t then pop up and completely tarnish the blog for me! Also, some people don’t have google+ or other things that some blog commenting systems require to comment. Make sure your comment system can be used by anyone, easily.

Social Media Buttons – When I find a blog I love I like to find out more about the person behind the blog and find out if there are ways of keeping up to date with them. The first thing I look for is usually a twitter button – I love Twitter! – Social media buttons for me are so important and as well as making it easier for the reader to ‘follow’ you they also tie a blog together to a certain extent.

Bloglovin Button – Again, when I find a new blog I love to follow it and the easiest way for me to do that is through Bloglovin. I know there are other websites around that you can use to follow blogs but most people now seem to use Bloglovin so a Bloglovin button on your blog in a prominent position is handy – Also, the Bloglovin buttons with numbers of followers don’t stand out very well, plus, as a reader I’m not massively interested in the numbers – I just want to follow you.

Search – When reading a blog I often like to search for topics – Birth stories, weaning advice or whatever else is in my life at that moment. The easiest way for a reader to find a certain post on your blog is with a search box. One somewhere easy to spot would be great on any blog!

Easy To Read Layout – The worst thing when reading a blog is a layout that’s hard to read – The writing being too small, too big or in a flamboyant font. If the main post area is too slim it can also be hard to read and if the writing is luminous pink with a blue background it’s also far too hard work to read a whole post. Busy backgrounds and anything distracting in the background is also hugely off putting. For an easy to read blog make the main area a good size, the writing black, a standard size and a standard font. Keep the text background a solid colour and the blog background simple and not too distracting.

What are your must haves when reading a blog? What makes you want to keep reading and come back again?

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  • This is a great post 🙂
    Definitely no captcha, it’s so annoying, I think all pbloggers should have some sort of agreement to get rid of it!!! Like a treaty well all sign, let’s see if we can get it done Donna!!

    I do most of my blog reading on the ipad, I can’t comment on blogger blogs from this as it doesn’t work it’s a shame as there are lots of blogs that I then can’t comment on. Hopefully blogger does something about this as I imagine that blogger bloggers miss out on quite a few comments due to this!

    I must get on with having some social media buttons on my blog, keep putting it off for no real reason!!!

  • Totally agree with all points!
    I could possibly turn violent towards my laptop the next time I have to use Captcah and THEN my comment needs moderating!!!
    And photos, don’t get me started on photos! Why do people keep them so small?!

  • I’m with you on all of these. And thankfully I’ve worked on getting all of these sorted on mine as well. Captcha is my biggest bugbear (especially when you’re on a linky like Silent Sunday which you’re literally just commenting on a photo – too much effort for the reader by miles).

    Grammar, spelling, font and non-white backgrounds just make life too hard, and the whole centralising of text. Why would you do that? The eye reads left to right, and it’s been proven that standard left margin with non-justified right hand side is easiest to read. So why people want to be different and pretty but make it hard to read I have no idea. Tiny font is also annoying – one of the main male bloggers has tiny text, and it’s only his good content that keeps me reading as it’s so hard to read.

    I’m a big bloglovin fan. I read from the daily emails rather than bloglovin’ itself,and like you, follow lots more than I can get round to . But then that’s what Twitter’s for, to catch up on the random posts that come through that I never get to otherwise. I do find there’s more UK bloggers using bloglovin’ than US, as I do find I have to rely on twitter for following many of those as I can’t have millions of email subscriptions coming in.

  • Over 600…okay, that’s making me feel a whole lot better about the amount I follow, though I get too stressed out if I don’t clear my reader every few days so less than 100 works best for me. I use Feedly btw, and I know lots of others do too, so that’s a great button to have too. Other than that, I agree with all your suggestion- CAPTCHA is painful.